Find Your Country Roots with Eric Church Tickets

Eric Church has been singing his country tunes for a number of years now, and this relative newcomer to the country music scene is showing he has the talent to run with the big boys on the stage. As an opening act to Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley just a few short seasons ago, this country boy is hitting the stage as the headline act this year, and discount Eric Church ticket holders are getting their fill of good old-fashioned, boot-stomping country music. Church is set to launch a tour that will move up and down the Midwest before hitting both coasts in a national tour that ensures every fan of this country sensation will be able to purchase cheap Eric Church tickets at their neighborhood venue.

The Beginning of Discount Eric Church Tickets

Eric Church was born in Granite Falls, North Carolina, on May 3, 1977. Church developed an interest in country music at a young age, writing his first songs at the age of 13. By the time he was in high school, Church has a regular gig at a local bar, where he entertained a somewhat rough crowd with cover numbers and a few of his original songs. His early band, which consisted of a brother, college roommate and friend, played throughout the North Carolina area, taking up much of Church’s time throughout his high school and college years.

After graduating from college with a marketing degree, Church moved to Nashville to pursue his musical ambitions in earnest. While it took some time to get officially signed with a record label, many expressed interest during the early years, recognizing the young artist’s talent and performance ability. Church eventually signed with Capitol Nashville and began releasing his music in 2006. To date, Church has released three albums, with plans to release his first live album early next year.

Rock Your Country with Eric Church Tickets

Eric Church is known for his high-energy shows that intertwine country tunes and rock music seamlessly in a show that keeps discount Eric Church ticket holders on their feet. This year, Church is launching a major tour with plenty of dates and venues to choose from. Get your cheap Eric Church tickets now and see this rising country star in action.

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The Race for the Pennant Begins with San Francisco Giants Tickets

The San Francisco Giants are one of the oldest and most successful teams in the history of Major League Baseball. This year, the Giants are giving it to the West Division of the National League once again, with a number one spot in their division timing beautifully with the upcoming race for the pennant. If you want to see the Giants in action, there are still a few discount San Francisco Giants tickets available for the season’s games prior to post-season play.

A Long and Illustrious History of Discount San Francisco Giants Tickets

The San Francisco Giants got their start in professional baseball as the New York Gothams in 1883. The team changed their name to the New York Giants two years later, and eventually became the San Francisco Giants when the team moved across the country in 1958. This team boasts one of the most successful histories in the MLB, with 18 appearances in the World Series and six national titles. The Giants also hold 21 National League pennants and seven West Division titles. In addition, the Giants hold the record for the most Hall of Famers in professional baseball today.

The San Francisco Giants have had some of the most decorated professional baseball players to ever play the game on their roster, including Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. Two of the managers for the Giants also have retired numbers; Bill Terry and Mel Ott. The team has enjoyed a long-standing rivalry with their neighboring Los Angeles Dodgers, sharing the spotlight in their records for World Series appearances and national championships. This year, the Dodgers are trailing the Giants in the National League West Division, possibly setting up a chance for the Giants to move ahead in terms of history and record-breaking opportunitites.

Season’s End Heats Up Sales of San Francisco Giants Tickets

A stellar baseball season is now culminating into a fight to the finish that looks to be taken by the Giants in the West Division. This team has combined hard hitting with some near-perfect pitching to dominate the division this season. Get your discount San Francisco Giants tickets now and see the finish of a brilliant Giants’ season.

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The “Funk-Fest” is On – Grab Your Prince Tickets Now

Prince is putting on his dance shoes for another round on the live stage. His latest concert tour, titled “Welcome 2…” is soon to open with three dates in Chicago, followed by additional dates across the U.S. throughout the fall months. This talented artist shows he can still strut the stage and funk it up with music that spans decades, genres and generations of fans. With a play list that includes hits like “Purple Rain,” “Kiss” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” this artist never runs out of ways to surprise and delight his audiences.

A History of Discount Prince Tickets

Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 7, 1958. The son of jazz pianist John L. Nelson, and jazz singer Mattie Shaw, Prince developed an early interest in music, writing his first song, “Funk Machine,” when he was just seven years old. By the time Prince was in high school, he was performing with the band Grand Central, which he established with his cousin Charles Smith. Prince played both piano and guitar while the band toured throughout nightclubs in the Minneapolis area. Eventually, Smith was replaced by Morris Day, one of Prince’s many protégés throughout his long career.

Discount Prince tickets started selling in earnest when Prince teamed up with producer Chris Moon and Minneapolis business guru Owen Husney. At this point in his early career, Prince moved to California to record his first album, “For You.” Prince was just 17 at the time, and moved with Husney to launch his music career. From that point, Prince has seen many ups and downs, with some concert tours selling more cheap Prince tickets than others. Throughout the years, Prince has recorded numerous hit singles, produced four motion pictures, and launched several successful tours to promote his work.

Prince Tickets “Welcome” Loyal Fan Base to Numerous Locations

This year, Prince’s “Welcome 2…” tour is bringing all his favorite hits to audiences across the country. This talented performer never ceases to entertain with his own brand of sexy funk that has drawn fans for decades. Get your discount Prince tickets now and check out the funkiest act of the year.

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Paul McCartney Tickets are “On the Run” this Year

The master of rock music is hitting the live stage once again, after a successful appearance at the 2012 Olympics left most of his fans clamoring for more. The former member of the Beatles and Wings boasts one of the longest and most successful musical careers in history – and he is showing no signs of slowing down yet. Discount Paul McCartney tickets are few and far between for his On the Run tour this year, with tickets selling on the secondary market for thousands of dollars apiece. If you want to catch a glimpse of this rock icon live, you’ll have to move fast to grab your cheap Paul McCartney tickets before they’re gone.

The Long History of Discount Paul McCartney Tickets

Paul McCartney was born June 18, 1942, in Liverpool, England. His father, a musician in his own right, encouraged McCartney’s love of music from a very young age, and by the time McCartney was 17, he had met John Lennon and one of the greatest collaborations in rock music history was born. Despite his father’s prodding, McCartney took few music lessons during his childhood, preferring to learn the piano by ear instead.

Paul McCartney joined Lennon’s band the Quarrymen, which eventually became the Beatles. The early members of the band included Lennon, McCartney and George Harrison, as well as Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best. When Sutcliffe left the band, McCartney replaced him on bass, and Ringo Starr was the drummer that replaced Best early in the band’s history. The Beatles become one of the best known rock bands of all time, revolutionizing the industry with their seemingly endless string of hits, which McCartney still plays live today. After the Beatles, McCartney started a new band with his wife Linda, which also enjoyed significant commercial success.

Get McCartney Tickets before They’re Gone

Few musicians sell out venues the way discount Paul McCartney tickets can. Recent dates in Canada have shown that this talented artist is still a no-miss act around most of the globe. Cheap Paul McCartney tickets won’t last long, so grab yours now if you are serious about seeing this iconic act live this year.

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See Super Talent in Action with So You Think You Can Dance Tickets

Get out your dance shoes, because So You Think You can Dance is coming to a live venue near you. The favorite Fox television show is hitting the road to bring the top talent of Season 9 to live stages from coast to coast. Whether you have never watched this hit program before, or you are an avid fan that never misses an episode, this is the year to get discount So You Think You can Dance tickets and see an array of super talent in action.

History of So You Think You can Dance Tickets

So You Think You can Dance premiered on FOX on July 20, 2005, and ended the summer season as the top rated show. The program features an eclectic mix of dancers with a broad range of backgrounds that must complete a rigorous audition process to qualify as one of the finalists that perform on the show. Throughout the course of the season, contestants are pared down through a series of dance routines that requires each dancer to demonstrate a broad range of dance styles. In the end, only one male and female will win the season’s contest and become the top dancers of that year.

The popularity of discount So You Think You can Dance tickets in the television studio has paved the way for live tours featuring the talented finalists each season. This year, the tour kicked off in Florida, and plans 32 live stops throughout the stint that allow fans of the show to become cheap So You Think You can Dance ticket holders to see their favorite contestants on the live stage. The show promises to bring plenty of energy, talent and fancy footwork to delight audiences of all ages.

Dance Fever Reigns with So You Think You Can Dance Tickets

The live tour has already kicked off for Season 9 finalists, but it’s not too late to grab your discount So You Think You can Dance tickets. With more than 30 dates nationwide, this is the perfect time to grab your tickets and see your favorite television show on the live stage.

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Get Your Lady Gaga Tickets for the “Ball” of a Lifetime

Lady Gaga is shocking and entertaining live audiences again this year with her latest concert tour, “Born this Way Ball.” The concert lineup features many old and new Lady Gaga hits, woven into an intricate stage tapestry infused with complex issues like discrimination, government oppression and self-love. The concert features a lavish, multi-level set resembling a Gothic castle that includes a catwalk in the center where Gaga can titillate her crowds. The concert is currently playing to crowds of sold-out discount Lady Gaga tickets in Europe, but will be moving to South America and then the United States by the beginning of 2013.

Where Discount Lady Gaga Tickets Began

Lady Gaga is a relative newcomer to the pop music scene, but she has made a fast and furious name for herself through her Grammy-winning music and unique brand of performance art that leaves fans wondering what will happen next. This creative artist is not afraid to push every limit both on and off the stage, with a creative flair that has been compared to the likes of Freddy Mercury, David Bowie and Madonna. Her flamboyant costumes and outspoken demeanor leaves few feeling indifferent toward Gaga – you either love her or you hate her.

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986. She learned to play the piano at the age of four, and by the time she was 14, she was taking advantage of open mike nights at clubs throughout New York City, where she was born and raised. After one year in college, Lady Gaga dropped out to pursue her music career in earnest. She formed the SG Band and began playing gigs throughout New York City. The band developed a small but loyal fan base that purchased discount Lady Gaga tickets wherever they performed. It wasn’t long before the group caught the attention of music producer Joe Vulpis and a star was born.

Lady Gaga Tickets Coming to the U.S. Soon

This year, Lady Gaga has launched her “Born this Way Ball” tour throughout Europe, but U.S. fans can take heart. The first U.S. dates are scheduled for January, 2013, so now is the time to purchase your discount Lady Gaga tickets and see this talented, creative performer live.

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Green Day Tickets Offer Numero “Uno” Concert Experience

Green Day is hitting the road with some lighter fare than its most recent rock operas have offered. This year, the tour is all about the music, with new tunes from their release “Uno” to be followed within weeks by “Dos” and “Tres.” Fresh and fun, without giving up an ounce of their punk look or sound, Green Day is proving that they still have what it takes to rock stages from coast to coast. With a national tour hitting most of the major cities across the country, as well as a few scattered dates for friends to the north in Canada, this is the time to get your discount Green Day tickets to see your favorite punk band in action.

The Beginning of Discount Green Day Tickets

Green Day was originally formed by childhood friends Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt. The pair recruited drummer John Kiffmeyer to round out the band, and recorded its debut release, “1,000 Hours.” Kiffmeyer left the group shortly after, and was replaced by Tre Cool – this is the trio that has made up Green Day for more than two decades. The group enjoyed underground success with its second album release “Kerplunk,” and has since released seven successful albums, with two more scheduled for release within the next few months.

In addition to the success of most of their albums, Green Day has also seen success with the production of their rock musical, “American Idiot,” based on the story told through the album with the same name. “American Idiot debuted on Broadway the end of 2009, which ramped up discount Green Day tickets for both the show and live concerts by the band. This year, cheap Green Day ticket holders are getting a treat with another live tour featuring many of the bands classic hits, as well as plenty of new music.

Rock On with Green Day Tickets

The recent release of “Uno” has given the band additional material for live concert events, and has been well received by fans across the country. More music is soon to follow, ensuring those that purchase discount Green Day tickets this year will get an entertaining mix of old and new, wrapped up in the band’s decided punk sound that has resonated with fans for decades.

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Post-Season Races Heating Up Cincinnati Reds Tickets Sales

As baseball season careens toward post-season play, discount Cincinnati Reds ticket sales are revving up as well. With a current first-place slot in the National League Central division, and plenty of good match-ups still to come this month, fans of the Reds are snatching up their regular season tickets in anticipation of what is almost sure to come next. This is the perfect time to grab cheap Cincinnati Reds tickets and catch baseball at its finest.

A Long-Standing History of Discount Cincinnati Reds Tickets

The Cincinnati Reds boast one of the longest histories in baseball, established as an independent team in 1881. The team was one of the first to join the American Association in 1882, before joining the National League in 1890. The team has played in Cincinnati since its origins, making it the second-oldest baseball team to play in a single city. The Reds started out as the Red Stockings, but shortened their name to the Reds in 1890. Throughout the 1970s, the team became known as the Big Red Machine, in response to a stellar winning streak that delighted discount Cincinnati Reds discount holders for a number of years.

In addition to their long-standing traditions in Cincinnati, this baseball team has also given discount Cincinnati Reds ticket holders numerous winning seasons. The team boasts five World Series titles, as well as one American Association pennants and nine National League pennants. The Reds also have nine division titles; two during their time in the Central division, and seven from the West division. The team has hosted games in a number of ball fields since their birth, beginning with the Bank Street Grounds in 1882, and currently at the Great American Ball Park, which has been the home of the Reds since 2003.

Top Spot in the Central Division Ups Cincinnati Reds Tickets

With a top spot in the Central division and the end of the season near, discount Cincinnati Reds ticket holders are now gearing up for what is sure to be post-season play in the next few weeks. Get your cheap Cincinnati Reds tickets now to see how this team fares in the race for the pennant and another national title.

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The Tour: KISS & Motley Crue Tickets Promise Unforgettable Night for Diehard Metal Heads

Get ready to rock with the hottest metal concert of the year. Discount The Tour: KISS & Motley Crue tickets are now on sale, giving lucky fans about three full hours of music by metal rock greats Motley Crue and Kiss. These bands are back in action, with new music, new moves and a night of raging rock and pyrotechnics audiences will not soon forget. The Tour has multiple dates scheduled nationwide through September, so now is the time to grab your cheap The Tour tickets if you want to see these two iconic bands in action.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: A History of Discount The Tour Tickets

Motley Crue has been rocking stages since 1981, when it was first founded by members Tommy Lee and Nicki Sixx. The duo later added Mick Mars and Vince Neil to the mix, and gave themselves the name Motley Crue. The band began releasing music and touring throughout North America. During this time, the band also developed a reputation for hard partying through a number of highly publicized incidents that included arrests, alcohol and drug addictions and relationships with an assortment of women. This year, the continuing popularity of Motley Crue is evident, as discount The Tour tickets are selling fast and furious.

Kiss followed a similar path, although this group did not get up and running quite as fast as Motley Crue. Originally founded in 1971, the first four years were wrought with struggles before Kiss finally made it big with theatrical concerts that included wild makeup costumes and various “personas” for each of the band members. Original Kiss members included Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. The band rose to fame throughout the 1970s and 1980s, becoming what some call one of the best metal bands in the history of music.

The Tour Tickets Deliver Head-Banging Music, Non-Stop Intensity

This year, both groups have reunited with old and new members to create the musical stage spectacle of the year. With music befitting the head-banging generation, the stage will be filled with the music that put metal rock on the map. Get your cheap The Tour: KISS & Motley Crue tickets now and see what true rock music sounds like on the live stage.

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Kick Up Your Heels with Rascal Flatts Tickets

Get ready for a boot-stomping good time – Rascal Flatts is coming to town. Discount Rascal Flatts tickets are now available for venues across the country, as this trio is in the midst of a major tour to promote their latest album release, “Changed.” Whether you have never seen this talented group of musicians before, or follow them wherever they appear, this is the perfect time to get cheap Rascal Flatts tickets and see this favorite country act in action.

The Beginnings of Discount Rascal Flatts Tickets

Rascal Flatts is comprised of three musicians that have been a part of the group since its inception in 1999. Gary LaVox (lead vocals), Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, keyboard, piano, vocals) and Joe Don Rooney (lead guitar, vocals) came together one night at a Printer’s Alley nightclub in Nashville for a music set, and the three have been making music together ever since. Their first self-titled album was released in 2000, along with their first hit single, “Prayin’ for Daylight.”

Since that time, the group has released an additional eight albums and enjoyed 12 number one singles in the U.S. Rascal Flatts has also won numerous ACM, CMA and CMT awards, and discount Rascal Flatts tickets sell out wherever this talented trio appears. The group is known for their stellar vocals and harmonies, and is as well known among the younger crowd as they are among more mature country music fans. Contributions to Hannah Montana’s music, as well as a remix of a popular Justin Beiber song may help fuel their fire with the younger generation. The group has also toured with plenty of big names in the country music business, including Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.

Rascal Flatts Tickets Promise Rousing Good Time

This year, Rascal Flatts is hitting the road once again, bringing brand new music from their “Changed” album to the stage. Fans will enjoy a night of fabulous country music that includes Little Big Town, the Eli Young Band and Eden’s Edge, in addition to the headline act. This is a great year to grab cheap Rascal Flatts tickets and get ready for a night of spectacular country performances.

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