Houston Texans Tickets Promise a Winning Season

Football season is in full swing and the Houston Texans are showing they are a force to be reckoned with in the AFC South. Under the masterful leadership of head coach Gary Kubiak, this team is undefeated in the current season thus far, and looks more than ready to take on the likes of the Jets, Packers and Patriots. This is a fabulous season to get discount Houston Texans tickets and catch this talented team in action.

A History of Discount Houston Texans Tickets

The Houston Texans are a relatively new expansion team, joining the NFL in 2002. Originally, the team was brought in to replace the Houston Oilers, which left the city to become the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. Although the Texans originally wanted to use the Oilers title once again, the team name had been retired by Houston Oilers owner Bud Adams in 1999. To determine the best name for the team, the club conducted research on a number of different names, including the Texans. After more than 65,000 responses were logged, the name Texans was adopted.

The club is currently part of the American Football Conference, in the South Division. When the team sold their first cheap Houston Texans tickets in 2002, fans were not quite sure what to expect. The early years were dismal for the Texans, with a record of 18 wins under 46 losses under head coach Dom Capers. However, when Kubiak took over the reins in 2006, things began to turn around for the Texans. Recent additions of Rick Dennison as offensive coordinator and Wade Phillips to head up the defense have also helped to bring the team out of their initial slump. Last year, the team won its first division title, and this year has promised much of the same for lucky discount Houston Texans ticket holders.

Playoffs Already in the Air for Houston Texans Ticket Holders

This season, the Houston Texans have also adeptly handled the likes of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, as well as the Dolphins, Jaguars and Titans. The rest of the road won’t be easy, with matches against Pittsburgh, New England and Minnesota on the horizon. However, this team has already shown they have what it takes to play with the big boys. Get your discount Houston Texans now to see this powerhouse team in action.

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Los Angeles Lakers Tickets on Sale Now, Finals Already in the Air

The Lakers have always been a force to be reckoned with on the court, but as this team stuffs their roster even fuller with stars, fans are already getting a whiff of a championship aroma. Notable Lakers like Bryant, Gasol and Metta World Peace will be back in action, while the team introduces superstars Steve Nash and Paul Howard to the Laker uniform as well. This star-studded cast is sure to promise b-ball at its finest for discount Los Angeles Lakers ticket holders to enjoy to the fullest.

The Successful History of Discount Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

The Lakers boast one of the most successful records in NBA history, since their inception in 1947. The team was originally part of the National Basketball League, which became the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1949, when the NBL merged with the Basketball Association of America. The team was originally the Detroit Gems, which disbanded and was snatched up by Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen to create a Minnesota team. The Minnesota Lakers started strong from the beginning, with powerhouse players like Jim Pollard and George Mikan.

The first discount Los Angeles Lakers tickets were sold on the West Coast in 1960, when the team moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles. It was during those early years in California that the team developed a fierce rivalry with the Boston Celtics and enjoyed the brilliant performances of Wilt Chamberlin. Since Chamberlin’s successful Lakers’ era, the team has also boasted the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson on their roster before enjoying the star-studded cast it has today.

New Era, More Stars for Los Angeles Lakers Ticket Holders

This season, a packed roster ensures plenty of wins and breathtaking basketball for cheap Los Angeles Lakers ticket holders. While the team did not make it past the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs last season, the addition of Howard and Nash this year ensures the team has covered any potential weak spots in the starting lineup. This is the year to get your discount Los Angeles Lakers tickets and see if this powerful roster can gain what has been denied them in recent years – an NBA title.

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Get Your Green On with Boston Celtics Tickets

The Boston Celtics are currently gearing up for the upcoming season in Europe, but have no fear Celtics fans – the team will be back on their home court in a matter of days. Its preseason time for the NBA, and now is your chance to get discount Boston Celtics tickets to see the team in action. This NBA powerhouse made it to a division title last season, and with stars like Pierce, Rondo and Garnett still on the roster, anything can happen this year as well.

The First Discount Boston Celtics Tickets

The Boston Celtics have enjoyed a long and illustrious history in Bean Town, with the first discount Boston Celtics tickets sold in 1946. During the early decades, the Celtics were a dominating force in the NBA, winning 11 championships between 1959 and 1966. With a star-studded roster that included Larry Bird, John Havlicek, Robert Parish, Bob Cousey and Bill Russell throughout their history, this team was a force to be reckoned with for many, many years.

Although the Celtics faltered a bit during the first part of this century, the team quickly pulled it back together to achieve significant success once again. The “Big Three,” which consists of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, played a significant role in the Celtic’s newfound success, taking the team to its 17th national championship in 2008. Although Allen has since left the Celtics to play for the Heat this year, Garnett and Pierce remain to lead the team. The addition of point guard Rajon Rondo has also made a significant impact for the Celtics for both defense and scoring.

Catch the Courtside Action with Boston Celtics Tickets

This season, the Celtics are coming off of a division championship with many of the same stars that led them to success last year. With a full lineup, this team is ready to face off against preseason teams like the Knicks and the Nets. This is the perfect time to nab some cheap Boston Celtics tickets and catch a sneak peek of your favorite team in preseason play before the season gets into full swing later this fall.

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The Killers Tickets on Sale for Victims and Fans

Victims of The Killers will be happy to know their favorite rockers will be hitting the live stage later this year. While the group will launch their tour across the pond in the UK, they will be hitting American soil by the end of November, with a number of dates throughout the U.S. Fans of this band can get their discount The Killers tickets now for what is sure to be the party of the season.

A History of Discount The Killers Tickets

The Killers first got their start in 2001, when Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning teamed up and began writing songs in Las Vegas. The two eventually recruited drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. and bass player Mark Stoermer to round out their lineup. The foursome took on the name The Killers, after a logo on a bass drum in a fictitious rock band. They began touring clubs throughout Las Vegas, drawing crowds and developing a loyal base of fans that would grab discount The Killers tickets wherever the group appeared.

The Killers’ music has been tough to fit into a single genre, with influences of indie, alternative and even punk rock permeating their songs. The group has been as popular in the UK as they have been in the U.S., selling five million albums overseas and another six million on their home turf. The band has won numerous awards through their release of four studio albums, one compilation album and one live album. This year marks the fourth tour for the band as well, as they hit the road to promote their latest release, Battle Born. Fans who nab their cheap The Killers tickets will be treated to plenty of the band’s classic hits, as well as some of their newer work.

Rock On with The Killers Tickets this Year

This year, discount The Killers tickets will be available for venues from coast to coast, beginning with a show in Broomfield, Colorado. Fans of this unique, eclectic band will not want to miss their chance to see their favorite musicians in action. Get your cheap The Killers tickets now and get ready to rock the holiday season.

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Washington Redskins Tickets Promise Big Games, Rivalries

Discount Washington Redskins tickets are now on sale for what looks to be another exciting season under Head Coach Mike Shanahan. Although the team has had a slow start with two losses to the Rams and the Bengals, close scores have kept things interesting for fans and prove the team has what it takes to play some of the best teams in the country this year. Plenty of exciting rivalries are in store for cheap Washington Redskin ticket holders, as the Skins get ready to face off against the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants throughout the season.

The Winning History of Discount Washington Redskin Tickets

The first discount Washington Redskins tickets were sold in 1932, when the team made its entrance into professional football as the Boston Braves. Just one year later, the team changed its name to the Boston Redskins and by 1937, the team had moved to D.C. to become the Washington Redskins. Their very first game as the Washington Redskins was a victory against the New York Giants in 1937. The Skins then went on to win the Eastern Division that season, as well as the league championship by defeating the Chicago Bears.

Since that time, discount Washington Redskins ticket holders have enjoyed many winning seasons, as the Skins boast three Super Bowl championships, two NFL championships, five NFC Conference championships and 12 division championships. The team has made 22 playoff appearances throughout their long and illustrious history as well. The team currently calls the FedEx Field, formerly known as RFK Stadium, home, but has previously played at Fenway Park and Braves Field as well.

See Eagles, Giants and Cowboys with Washington Redskins Tickets

The team saw a dry spell during the early part of the 21st century, but the hope is that things will turn around under Head Coach Mike Shanahan, who took the reins of the Skins in 2010. The following year was not what the team had hoped, with a 5-11 season, but there is hope on the horizon this year, with an early win against the Saints, followed by two close losses to the Rams and Bengals. Get your cheap Washington Redskins tickets and catch big NFL names like the Eagles, Cowboys and Steelers before the season is over.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets Now Available for Christmas Extravaganza

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is getting ready to light up stages from coast to coast this Christmas season, with a holiday rock musical that has been a favorite of Trans-Siberian Orchestra discount ticket holders. “The Lost Christmas Eve,” the third installment in the rock ensemble’s Christmas trilogy has delighted fans since its release in 2004. Now, it is coming back to the live stage, complete with the pyrotechnics and light spectacular that has made Trans-Siberian Orchestra a household name for metal rock lovers for nearly two decades.

A History of Discount Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was first formed in 1993, when Paul O’Neill accepted an offer by Atlantic Records to create his own band. O’Neill recruited the talents of Jon Oliva, Robert Kinkel and Al Pitrelli to form a group specifically for the purpose of creating rock operas. Due to a number of setbacks, not the least of which was the death of Oliva’s younger brother to a drunk driver, the band did not release their first album, “Christmas Eve and Other Stories,” until 1996. The sequel, “The Christmas Attic,” was released just two years later, and discount Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets began gaining steam as this group developed a loyal following.

Since that time, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has released four more albums, including the third in the Christmas trilogy, “The Lost Christmas Eve,” which went on the market in 2004. The group has a long roster of guest musicians and vocalists that have performed with them on tours over the years. The band was ranked as one of the top 25 touring bands by Billboard in 2009, and has been critically acclaimed for perfectly synchronized shows that include lasers, lights and a multitude of pyrotechnics, in addition to the popular metal music the group and their orchestra produce.

Celebrate Christmas Metal Style with Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

This year, “The Lost Christmas Eve,” comes back to the stage for an encore holiday performance. The heartwarming tale of redemption and forgiveness is driven to the end through the musical skill and creative presentation that this ensemble is known for. Get your cheap Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable Christmas extravaganza.

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San Francisco 49ers Tickets Offer Glimpse of New Team Era

NFL football is in full swing for the 2012 season, and discount San Francisco 49ers tickets are selling fast and furious. This pro powerhouse already has two wins racked up, with a single loss to the Vikings and plenty more nail-biters sure to come. The Niners are on the verge of coming back from a dry spell that has left the team without a conference championship since 1994. Now, with Alex Smith heading up a potentially explosive offense and controversial head coach Jim Harbaugh at the helm, discount San Francisco 49ers ticket holders are hopeful that the tide is about to change for their team.

A History of Discount San Francisco 49ers Tickets

The Niners were first established in 1946, as a charter team for the All-American Football Conference. The team joined the NFL in 1950, after the leagues merged, and is currently a member of the Western Division of the National Football Conference. The team was originally given their name for the gold miners that flooded the California region in search of riches during the California Gold Rush of 1849. The team is the oldest professional sport team in the state that has continued to call California home to this day.

Discount San Francisco 49ers ticket holders have enjoyed a dynasty that has seen five Super Bowl championships, five NFC Conference championships and 18 Western Division championships. The team has boasted some of the greatest names in professional football history, including Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and head coach Bill Walsh. They are second in the league in terms of total Super Bowl wins, tied with the Dallas Cowboys and coming in one win short of the record held by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New Season for San Francisco 49ers Ticket Holders

This year, the Niners already have a winning season with just three games under their belts thus far. The team faces plenty of challenge with upcoming rivals as well, including games with the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams. The team will also face off against the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills later in the season. This is the perfect year to get cheap San Francisco 49ers tickets and cheer your Niners to victory.

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Rush Tickets Offer Glimpse of Iconic Band, All New Music

Rush has been around for decades, but the music  they are playing on the live stage today is decidedly 21st century. This iconic band refuses to keep discount Rush ticket holders in the past, instead, they are drawing them eagerly into the latest age of Rush music with their latest album “Clockwork Angels.” While the theme of the music is heavy at best, the band brilliantly adds a lighter touch to the performance, with a repertoire of early hits to warm up the crowd, an eclectic stage mixing retro rock and futuristic style, and a few comedy bits thrown in for good measure. This band proves that music can evolve, even from the classic rock stylings of the middle of the 20th century to delight a whole new brand of audience in their later professional years.

The Long History of Discount Rush Tickets

The first discount Rush tickets were sold in 1968, when the band came together for the first time in Toronto, Ontario. The original band consisted of Alex Lifeson, Jeff Jones and John Rutsey. Jones was quickly replaced by Geddy Lee, which was the band that first began releasing music and selling discount Rush tickets. Eventually Rutsey also left the band in 1974, due to health concerns stemming from diabetes. Rutsey was replaced by Neil Peart, and this ensemble has remained consistent to this day.

Throughout a very long and illustrious history, discount Rush tickets have sold out venues of all sizes worldwide. The band has released no less than 20 albums, including their most recent project, “Clockwork Angels.” They have received numerous Juno Awards and Grammy nominations, and are considered one of the best rock bands in history. In 1994, Rush was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Rush Tickets Prove Band hasn’t Lost Edge

This year, discount Rush tickets are selling out venues once again, as this iconic band shows they haven’t lost a beat on the rock music scene. Instead of relying on classic hits to woo audiences, Rush is dishing out new tunes as the main course, leaving a few oldies but goodies as the appetizers during the first set. With crowds singing along and strumming a few air guitars to “Clockwork Angels,” it’s clear Rush is still connecting with fans on a whole new, 21st century level.

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Enjoy a Holiday Tradition with Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets

The Christmas tradition comes to life once again in the Big Apple, with special appearances in the Rockettes’ hometown of St. Louis, Missouri as well. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular delivers on all its promises once again this year, with plenty of high kicks, precision dance and traditional holiday gaiety to go around. This is a no-miss show for the whole family, whether you see the Rockettes in action every year, or will be checking out the precision dance team for the first time. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is sure to make your holiday festivities a little brighter this year.

History of Rockettes and Discount Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets

Eighty years of tradition stand behind discount Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets. The precision dance team was first formed in 1925 in St. Louis and was originally known as the Missouri Rockettes. The team was the brain child of Russell Market, who was inspired by the Ziegfeld Follies of 1922. The group moved to New York a few years after their inception, becoming the Rockettes and performing at Radio City Music Hall for the first time in 1932.

The precision dance team performed for the first time at the Macy’s Parade in 1957 and has been making annual appearances in the parade ever since. The Rockettes also performed for the Super Bowl halftime show in 1988 and at George W. Bush’s Inauguration Ceremony in 2001. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which got it official start in 1933, features the Dance of the Wooden Soldiers, which the Rockettes have made famous. In addition, discount Radio City Christmas Spectacular ticket holders are treated to the Rockettes performing as high-kicking reindeer, Santas and of course, in a broad and colorful display of festive holiday costumes.

Create Memories with Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets

This year, cheap Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets are available for both the tradition venue of Radio City Music Hall and the Peabody Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri. Whether you have never seen the Rockettes perform live before, or you hit Radio City Music Hall every time you come to the Big Apple, this year is the perfect time to grab your discount Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets and see this infamous precision dance team live.

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Celebrate the Season with Moscow Ballet Nutcracker Tickets

Nothing lights up the Christmas season like discount Moscow Ballet Nutcracker tickets. This classic story comes to life on the dance stage, complete with breathtaking costumed characters performing dainty steps to the classic musical score of Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The Moscow Ballet is taking their show on the road again this year, with U.S. stops from coast to coast that allow everyone to enjoy this beautiful live show. With award-winning Russian dancers, life-sized silk puppets and an array of lavish costumes and sets, you won’t want to miss your cheap Moscow Ballet Nutcracker tickets this holiday season.

A History of Discount Moscow Ballet Nutcracker Tickets

The Moscow Ballet has been touring venues in Canada and the United States since 1993, bringing a variety of classical ballets, including the Nutcracker, to delight audiences of all ages. The dance company performed a full-scale production of the Nutcracker in 1996 at Constitution Hall, and the annual production of Moscow Ballet’s “Great Russian Nutcracker” has become a holiday tradition in the U.S. ever since. Today, audiences of all ages grab their discount Moscow Ballet Nutcracker tickets to watch the story of young Masha, the Rat Prince and the Nutcracker come to life with grace and beauty.

The Nutcracker was first written by Pyotr Tchaikovsky in 1892. The first production of the ballet was performed at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg in December of that same year. The original production was not successful for Tchaikovsky, but the ballet has gained popularity since that time. The show is now performed by a multitude of ballet companies throughout the world during the holiday season each year, with many families making a live production of the Nutcracker Suite a part of their annual tradition.

Moscow Ballet Nutcracker Tickets Set the Stage for a Festive Holiday Season

This year, discount Moscow Ballet Nutcracker tickets are on a sale for a season that brings the breathtaking ballet from stages coast to coast. The season kicks off in November – the perfect time to kick off your holiday festivities and get into the Christmas spirit. Now is the time to purchase your discount Moscow Ballet Nutcracker tickets and see this beautiful production live.

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