Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets Now Available for Limited Time

The cutthroat real estate business will once again be portrayed on the live stage – this time with Broadway icon Al Pacino heading up a talented ensemble to tackle David Mamet’s classic, Glengarry Glen Ross. Discount Glengarry Glen Ross tickets are now on sale for a brief 10-week run at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, so fans of Mamet and Pacino will not want to waste any time getting their tickets to this show. The story has been well received on stage and in film, with both Pacino and his co-star Jack Lemmon winning accolades for their performances in the 1992 film.

About Discount Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets

The Mamet story revolves around four real estate salesman who are put in a position from their corporate office to fight for their jobs. The head office informs the group that only two salesmen will remain standing and challenges all of them to generate the most business in one week or kiss their positions with the company goodbye. The threat results in a cutthroat competition that utilizes every underhanded tactic possible to make the sale and win the permanent positions with the company. The play is deep, dark and laced with profanity – the perfect combination for theatre-goers who love the intensity of exposing humanity in its most desperate hour.

The play features Pacino in the role of Shelly Levene, an aging real estate agent with a sick daughter who has lost his edge and must revamp his identity to find it once again. The role was originally played by Jack Lemmon in the 1992 film, while Pacino played the younger agent Ricky Roma – an office hotshot who is ready to take on Levene and anyone else who crosses his path. The play makes an interesting statement about the current real estate market, particularly in light of the recent real estate bubble and market decline that is sure to filter the audience’s view of the story this season.

Get Glengarry Glen Ross Tickets to See Pacino in Action

Pacino and his cast will take the stage at the Gerald Schoenfeld theatre in November, with a run that only goes to the end of 2012. This is the time to get your discount Glengarry Glen Ross tickets to see this show on stage once again.

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