Country Goes Contemporary with Martina McBride Tickets

Martina McBride has never been a performer comfortable with sitting in her country box, and never has that been more apparent than with her latest concert tour. This year, discount Martina McBride ticket holders will see this seasoned artist master a plethora of styles, from her traditional country croonings to a few rock sounds from decades gone by. Traveling from coast to coast to promote her latest project “Eleven,” Martina McBride shows her audiences why she has been dubbed the country music diva of this generation.

The Beginnings of Discount Martina McBride Tickets

Martina McBride is not new to the country music scene. In fact, this talented performer has been flaunting her own brand of country since 1991 when she signed her first recording contract with RCA Nashville Records. Her first release, “The Time has Come,” got off to a decent start, with the title track hitting number 23 on the country music charts. Singles off her second release, “Just the Way I am,” made it into the country top 10 and launched McBride’s country music career in earnest.

Throughout her long and already illustrious career, McBride has released a total of 11 studio albums, including her latest project, “Eleven.” She has also worked on five additional albums, from live projects to compilations. McBride has won 17 awards for her work from Country Music Awards to Billboard Music Awards, and been nominated for many more. Discount Martina McBride tickets have sold out concert venues across the country as this talented artist continues to wow crowds with her impeccable and strong soprano vocals and down home country style.

Martina McBride Tickets Light Up the Stage

This year, McBride is bringing her personal life to the forefront, singing about the challenges of raising teenagers in her hit song, “Teenage Daughters.” McBride co-wrote more songs on her latest release than on any other album she has done thus far, explaining her confidence in her own songwriting ability has improved in recent years. Discount Martina McBride ticket holders will enjoy a repertoire of this artist’s hits, as well as a few covers from other musicians they may not expect. Get your cheap Martina McBride tickets and get ready for a night of country entertainment you will not soon forget.

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