Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets Still Available for this Stunt-Filled Show

Marvel comic fans will be happy to know Spidey is still in the house, and discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets are now available for one of the most talked-about shows on Broadway today. Filled to the brim with breathtaking stunts and action true to its Marvel roots, the Spider Man story told on the stage is like nothing else on the Great White Way. Add in tunes from U2’s Bono and you get a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat and your feet tapping until the final curtain call.

The Controversial Beginnings of Discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets

Touted at first as a comic book, rock opera circus, the first discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets were not without their fair share of controversy. The first opening for the show was delayed, after high-flying stunts left some performers injured and critics panned the show during its early previews. A new director was brought in, parts of the show were rewritten and restaged, and the show finally officially opened to Broadway audiences on June 14, 2011. Despite mixed reviews from critics even at this time, the show continues to sell plenty of discount Broadway tickets and the show has been nominated for both Tony awards and a Drama Desk award.

Discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets are treated to a visual spectacle when they enter the Foxwoods Theatre. The show is carefully staged to the music of Bono and includes a wealth of high flying stunts and even combat scenes high above the audience. The show tells the tale of Spiderman, including his evolution into the world of arachnids, his spirited rivalry with the Green Goblin and his love for Mary Jane. The show has been described as one of the more technically complex on Broadway this season, with a melding of music and stunts unlike anything seen on the Broadway stage before.

Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets Available through March, 2013

Currently discount Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets are available through March, 2013. Now is the time to get your tickets for this unique show before time runs out on this Marvel hero – at least, for his Broadway run.

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