New York Knicks Tickets Bring Excitement Back to the Court

The NBA is gearing up for another exciting season, and Knicks fans are already flocking to get their discount New York Knicks tickets. With Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler back from their gold medal Olympic victory, and Amar’e Stoudemire rounding out the offensive powerhouse, this team is ready to roll for the upcoming season. Pre-season games are just around the corner, so now is the time to grab your discount New York Knicks tickets and cheer on your favorite basketball squad.

A History of Discount New York Knicks Tickets

The first New York Knicks tickets were sold in 1946, when the Basketball Association of America was first formed. The Knickerbockers were one of the founding teams in the BAA and moved to the National Basketball Association when it was formed in 1949 through a merger between the BAA and the National Basketball League. The Knicks are also one of just two teams in the NBA that has remained in the same location since the beginning of the BAA (the other team is the Boston Celtics). The team name “Knickerbockers,” represents early Dutch settlers that were some of the first to call New York home.

Throughout the long history of the team, discount New York Knicks ticket holders have seen their share of up and down seasons. The era of head coach William “Red” Holzman were years of championship seasons, with stars like Walt Frazier and Dick Barnett on the roster. That era ended in 1975 and began a less successful decade for the Knicks. However, the arrival of Patrick Ewing in 1985 saw the Knicks return to their glory days once again. When Ewing retired in 2000, another dry spell hit the team, but since 2010, the Knicks have seen their rising star come back in view.

New York Knicks Tickets to the Stars

This season, the stars are coming back out to shine for the New York Knicks, with strength on both offense and defense. Melo, Chandler, Stoudemire will be stuffing the net, while Felton, Smith and Kidd play the point guard position brilliantly. With plenty of exciting match-ups throughout, you will not want to miss your chance to grab discount New York Knicks tickets and see your favorites hit the court this season.

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