Los Angeles Lakers Tickets on Sale Now, Finals Already in the Air

The Lakers have always been a force to be reckoned with on the court, but as this team stuffs their roster even fuller with stars, fans are already getting a whiff of a championship aroma. Notable Lakers like Bryant, Gasol and Metta World Peace will be back in action, while the team introduces superstars Steve Nash and Paul Howard to the Laker uniform as well. This star-studded cast is sure to promise b-ball at its finest for discount Los Angeles Lakers ticket holders to enjoy to the fullest.

The Successful History of Discount Los Angeles Lakers Tickets

The Lakers boast one of the most successful records in NBA history, since their inception in 1947. The team was originally part of the National Basketball League, which became the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1949, when the NBL merged with the Basketball Association of America. The team was originally the Detroit Gems, which disbanded and was snatched up by Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen to create a Minnesota team. The Minnesota Lakers started strong from the beginning, with powerhouse players like Jim Pollard and George Mikan.

The first discount Los Angeles Lakers tickets were sold on the West Coast in 1960, when the team moved from Minnesota to Los Angeles. It was during those early years in California that the team developed a fierce rivalry with the Boston Celtics and enjoyed the brilliant performances of Wilt Chamberlin. Since Chamberlin’s successful Lakers’ era, the team has also boasted the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson on their roster before enjoying the star-studded cast it has today.

New Era, More Stars for Los Angeles Lakers Ticket Holders

This season, a packed roster ensures plenty of wins and breathtaking basketball for cheap Los Angeles Lakers ticket holders. While the team did not make it past the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs last season, the addition of Howard and Nash this year ensures the team has covered any potential weak spots in the starting lineup. This is the year to get your discount Los Angeles Lakers tickets and see if this powerful roster can gain what has been denied them in recent years – an NBA title.

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