Washington Redskins Tickets Promise Big Games, Rivalries

Discount Washington Redskins tickets are now on sale for what looks to be another exciting season under Head Coach Mike Shanahan. Although the team has had a slow start with two losses to the Rams and the Bengals, close scores have kept things interesting for fans and prove the team has what it takes to play some of the best teams in the country this year. Plenty of exciting rivalries are in store for cheap Washington Redskin ticket holders, as the Skins get ready to face off against the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants throughout the season.

The Winning History of Discount Washington Redskin Tickets

The first discount Washington Redskins tickets were sold in 1932, when the team made its entrance into professional football as the Boston Braves. Just one year later, the team changed its name to the Boston Redskins and by 1937, the team had moved to D.C. to become the Washington Redskins. Their very first game as the Washington Redskins was a victory against the New York Giants in 1937. The Skins then went on to win the Eastern Division that season, as well as the league championship by defeating the Chicago Bears.

Since that time, discount Washington Redskins ticket holders have enjoyed many winning seasons, as the Skins boast three Super Bowl championships, two NFL championships, five NFC Conference championships and 12 division championships. The team has made 22 playoff appearances throughout their long and illustrious history as well. The team currently calls the FedEx Field, formerly known as RFK Stadium, home, but has previously played at Fenway Park and Braves Field as well.

See Eagles, Giants and Cowboys with Washington Redskins Tickets

The team saw a dry spell during the early part of the 21st century, but the hope is that things will turn around under Head Coach Mike Shanahan, who took the reins of the Skins in 2010. The following year was not what the team had hoped, with a 5-11 season, but there is hope on the horizon this year, with an early win against the Saints, followed by two close losses to the Rams and Bengals. Get your cheap Washington Redskins tickets and catch big NFL names like the Eagles, Cowboys and Steelers before the season is over.

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