Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets Now Available for Christmas Extravaganza

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is getting ready to light up stages from coast to coast this Christmas season, with a holiday rock musical that has been a favorite of Trans-Siberian Orchestra discount ticket holders. “The Lost Christmas Eve,” the third installment in the rock ensemble’s Christmas trilogy has delighted fans since its release in 2004. Now, it is coming back to the live stage, complete with the pyrotechnics and light spectacular that has made Trans-Siberian Orchestra a household name for metal rock lovers for nearly two decades.

A History of Discount Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

Trans-Siberian Orchestra was first formed in 1993, when Paul O’Neill accepted an offer by Atlantic Records to create his own band. O’Neill recruited the talents of Jon Oliva, Robert Kinkel and Al Pitrelli to form a group specifically for the purpose of creating rock operas. Due to a number of setbacks, not the least of which was the death of Oliva’s younger brother to a drunk driver, the band did not release their first album, “Christmas Eve and Other Stories,” until 1996. The sequel, “The Christmas Attic,” was released just two years later, and discount Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets began gaining steam as this group developed a loyal following.

Since that time, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has released four more albums, including the third in the Christmas trilogy, “The Lost Christmas Eve,” which went on the market in 2004. The group has a long roster of guest musicians and vocalists that have performed with them on tours over the years. The band was ranked as one of the top 25 touring bands by Billboard in 2009, and has been critically acclaimed for perfectly synchronized shows that include lasers, lights and a multitude of pyrotechnics, in addition to the popular metal music the group and their orchestra produce.

Celebrate Christmas Metal Style with Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

This year, “The Lost Christmas Eve,” comes back to the stage for an encore holiday performance. The heartwarming tale of redemption and forgiveness is driven to the end through the musical skill and creative presentation that this ensemble is known for. Get your cheap Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable Christmas extravaganza.

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