San Francisco 49ers Tickets Offer Glimpse of New Team Era

NFL football is in full swing for the 2012 season, and discount San Francisco 49ers tickets are selling fast and furious. This pro powerhouse already has two wins racked up, with a single loss to the Vikings and plenty more nail-biters sure to come. The Niners are on the verge of coming back from a dry spell that has left the team without a conference championship since 1994. Now, with Alex Smith heading up a potentially explosive offense and controversial head coach Jim Harbaugh at the helm, discount San Francisco 49ers ticket holders are hopeful that the tide is about to change for their team.

A History of Discount San Francisco 49ers Tickets

The Niners were first established in 1946, as a charter team for the All-American Football Conference. The team joined the NFL in 1950, after the leagues merged, and is currently a member of the Western Division of the National Football Conference. The team was originally given their name for the gold miners that flooded the California region in search of riches during the California Gold Rush of 1849. The team is the oldest professional sport team in the state that has continued to call California home to this day.

Discount San Francisco 49ers ticket holders have enjoyed a dynasty that has seen five Super Bowl championships, five NFC Conference championships and 18 Western Division championships. The team has boasted some of the greatest names in professional football history, including Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and head coach Bill Walsh. They are second in the league in terms of total Super Bowl wins, tied with the Dallas Cowboys and coming in one win short of the record held by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

New Season for San Francisco 49ers Ticket Holders

This year, the Niners already have a winning season with just three games under their belts thus far. The team faces plenty of challenge with upcoming rivals as well, including games with the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams. The team will also face off against the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills later in the season. This is the perfect year to get cheap San Francisco 49ers tickets and cheer your Niners to victory.

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