Rush Tickets Offer Glimpse of Iconic Band, All New Music

Rush has been around for decades, but the music  they are playing on the live stage today is decidedly 21st century. This iconic band refuses to keep discount Rush ticket holders in the past, instead, they are drawing them eagerly into the latest age of Rush music with their latest album “Clockwork Angels.” While the theme of the music is heavy at best, the band brilliantly adds a lighter touch to the performance, with a repertoire of early hits to warm up the crowd, an eclectic stage mixing retro rock and futuristic style, and a few comedy bits thrown in for good measure. This band proves that music can evolve, even from the classic rock stylings of the middle of the 20th century to delight a whole new brand of audience in their later professional years.

The Long History of Discount Rush Tickets

The first discount Rush tickets were sold in 1968, when the band came together for the first time in Toronto, Ontario. The original band consisted of Alex Lifeson, Jeff Jones and John Rutsey. Jones was quickly replaced by Geddy Lee, which was the band that first began releasing music and selling discount Rush tickets. Eventually Rutsey also left the band in 1974, due to health concerns stemming from diabetes. Rutsey was replaced by Neil Peart, and this ensemble has remained consistent to this day.

Throughout a very long and illustrious history, discount Rush tickets have sold out venues of all sizes worldwide. The band has released no less than 20 albums, including their most recent project, “Clockwork Angels.” They have received numerous Juno Awards and Grammy nominations, and are considered one of the best rock bands in history. In 1994, Rush was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Rush Tickets Prove Band hasn’t Lost Edge

This year, discount Rush tickets are selling out venues once again, as this iconic band shows they haven’t lost a beat on the rock music scene. Instead of relying on classic hits to woo audiences, Rush is dishing out new tunes as the main course, leaving a few oldies but goodies as the appetizers during the first set. With crowds singing along and strumming a few air guitars to “Clockwork Angels,” it’s clear Rush is still connecting with fans on a whole new, 21st century level.

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