The Race for the Pennant Begins with San Francisco Giants Tickets

The San Francisco Giants are one of the oldest and most successful teams in the history of Major League Baseball. This year, the Giants are giving it to the West Division of the National League once again, with a number one spot in their division timing beautifully with the upcoming race for the pennant. If you want to see the Giants in action, there are still a few discount San Francisco Giants tickets available for the season’s games prior to post-season play.

A Long and Illustrious History of Discount San Francisco Giants Tickets

The San Francisco Giants got their start in professional baseball as the New York Gothams in 1883. The team changed their name to the New York Giants two years later, and eventually became the San Francisco Giants when the team moved across the country in 1958. This team boasts one of the most successful histories in the MLB, with 18 appearances in the World Series and six national titles. The Giants also hold 21 National League pennants and seven West Division titles. In addition, the Giants hold the record for the most Hall of Famers in professional baseball today.

The San Francisco Giants have had some of the most decorated professional baseball players to ever play the game on their roster, including Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. Two of the managers for the Giants also have retired numbers; Bill Terry and Mel Ott. The team has enjoyed a long-standing rivalry with their neighboring Los Angeles Dodgers, sharing the spotlight in their records for World Series appearances and national championships. This year, the Dodgers are trailing the Giants in the National League West Division, possibly setting up a chance for the Giants to move ahead in terms of history and record-breaking opportunitites.

Season’s End Heats Up Sales of San Francisco Giants Tickets

A stellar baseball season is now culminating into a fight to the finish that looks to be taken by the Giants in the West Division. This team has combined hard hitting with some near-perfect pitching to dominate the division this season. Get your discount San Francisco Giants tickets now and see the finish of a brilliant Giants’ season.

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