The “Funk-Fest” is On – Grab Your Prince Tickets Now

Prince is putting on his dance shoes for another round on the live stage. His latest concert tour, titled “Welcome 2…” is soon to open with three dates in Chicago, followed by additional dates across the U.S. throughout the fall months. This talented artist shows he can still strut the stage and funk it up with music that spans decades, genres and generations of fans. With a play list that includes hits like “Purple Rain,” “Kiss” and “Let’s Go Crazy,” this artist never runs out of ways to surprise and delight his audiences.

A History of Discount Prince Tickets

Prince was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 7, 1958. The son of jazz pianist John L. Nelson, and jazz singer Mattie Shaw, Prince developed an early interest in music, writing his first song, “Funk Machine,” when he was just seven years old. By the time Prince was in high school, he was performing with the band Grand Central, which he established with his cousin Charles Smith. Prince played both piano and guitar while the band toured throughout nightclubs in the Minneapolis area. Eventually, Smith was replaced by Morris Day, one of Prince’s many protégés throughout his long career.

Discount Prince tickets started selling in earnest when Prince teamed up with producer Chris Moon and Minneapolis business guru Owen Husney. At this point in his early career, Prince moved to California to record his first album, “For You.” Prince was just 17 at the time, and moved with Husney to launch his music career. From that point, Prince has seen many ups and downs, with some concert tours selling more cheap Prince tickets than others. Throughout the years, Prince has recorded numerous hit singles, produced four motion pictures, and launched several successful tours to promote his work.

Prince Tickets “Welcome” Loyal Fan Base to Numerous Locations

This year, Prince’s “Welcome 2…” tour is bringing all his favorite hits to audiences across the country. This talented performer never ceases to entertain with his own brand of sexy funk that has drawn fans for decades. Get your discount Prince tickets now and check out the funkiest act of the year.

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