Post-Season Races Heating Up Cincinnati Reds Tickets Sales

As baseball season careens toward post-season play, discount Cincinnati Reds ticket sales are revving up as well. With a current first-place slot in the National League Central division, and plenty of good match-ups still to come this month, fans of the Reds are snatching up their regular season tickets in anticipation of what is almost sure to come next. This is the perfect time to grab cheap Cincinnati Reds tickets and catch baseball at its finest.

A Long-Standing History of Discount Cincinnati Reds Tickets

The Cincinnati Reds boast one of the longest histories in baseball, established as an independent team in 1881. The team was one of the first to join the American Association in 1882, before joining the National League in 1890. The team has played in Cincinnati since its origins, making it the second-oldest baseball team to play in a single city. The Reds started out as the Red Stockings, but shortened their name to the Reds in 1890. Throughout the 1970s, the team became known as the Big Red Machine, in response to a stellar winning streak that delighted discount Cincinnati Reds discount holders for a number of years.

In addition to their long-standing traditions in Cincinnati, this baseball team has also given discount Cincinnati Reds ticket holders numerous winning seasons. The team boasts five World Series titles, as well as one American Association pennants and nine National League pennants. The Reds also have nine division titles; two during their time in the Central division, and seven from the West division. The team has hosted games in a number of ball fields since their birth, beginning with the Bank Street Grounds in 1882, and currently at the Great American Ball Park, which has been the home of the Reds since 2003.

Top Spot in the Central Division Ups Cincinnati Reds Tickets

With a top spot in the Central division and the end of the season near, discount Cincinnati Reds ticket holders are now gearing up for what is sure to be post-season play in the next few weeks. Get your cheap Cincinnati Reds tickets now to see how this team fares in the race for the pennant and another national title.

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