Get Your “Cool” on with Chris Botti Tickets

Jazz trumpeter Chris Botti spends most of his year touring the country, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of this eclectic musician any time he is in town. With a number of dates on the calendar through 2012, discount Chris Botti tickets are selling well across the country. Whether your musical tastes fall more on the classical or jazz scale, you are sure to love the performance this talented musician deliver. With a flair for entertaining the crowds, this Oregon native may arguably be one of the best trumpeters to take to the live stage to date, promising cheap Chris Botti ticket holders a show to remember.

A History of Discount Chris Botti Tickets

Chris Botti was born in Portland, Oregon, but spent two years of his young life living in Italy. His mother, a classically-trained pianist, was responsible for much of Botti’s musical influence during his younger years. Botti picked up the trumpet at the tender of age of nine, and by the time he was a teen, he had been selected as a member of McDonalds’ All American High School Jazz Band. The young musician soon began playing local clubs in the Portland area, where he caught the attention of many in the music industry.

Before hitting the solo circuit, Botti played with many music greats, including Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich. A 10-year recording and touring history with Paul Simon brought him in contact with other big-name musicians and helped him launch his own career in 1991. His first release, “Night Session” was quickly followed by more original music and a budding performance career. Today, discount Chris Botti tickets sell out venues of all sizes across the country, whether this musician plays a large hall or an intimate nightclub setting.

Jazz is in the Air with Chris Botti Tickets

This year, discount Chris Botti tickets are available for multiple venues across the country, as Botti promotes his latest album release, “Impressions.” The musician will be working his way from the East Coast to the West and back again by the end of 2012. This is a fabulous year to get your cheap Chris Botti tickets and see this talented performer live.

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