Celebrate the “Circle of Life” with Lion King Tickets

Just as the circle of life is never-ending, so goes the success of the stage adaptation of Disney’s favorite story “The Lion King.” In addition to a host of successful national and worldwide tours, this show is comfortably situated at its Broadway roost at the Minskoff Theatre, becoming the fifth-longest running production on Broadway. Despite its many years of delighting crowds of all ages, audiences never seem to tire of the pounding African rhythms that drive this show to its glorious happy ending. This year is the perfect time to get your discount Lion King tickets to see this breathtaking performance live in NYC.

An Overview of Discount Lion King Tickets

The Lion King got its start as an animated Walt Disney story about a young lion cub named Simba and his destiny as a ruler over the African Pride Lands where he was born and raised. The story is told in typical Disney-esque style, with action, adventure and heart-warming relationships to tie the tapestry together. The show was adapted to the live stage for the first time in 1997, complete with magnificent costumes and colorful makeup that brought the characters from the film to life in an unforgettable way.

Since its beginnings 15 years ago, this remarkable Broadway production has won numerous Tony and Drama Desk awards for its spectacular costume and set designs, as well as the outstanding performances of many in the ensemble. With music by Elton John and a Disney storyline that never grows old, it appears that Lion King is a show that will become a classic on the live stage as it has on the big screen. No matter where you see this production, it is a must-see for everyone who appreciates theatrical performances that take the stage to a whole new level.

Feel the Love Tonight with Lion King Tickets

This year, discount Lion King tickets continue to sell strong at the Minskoff Theatre, where productions run weekly. Get your cheap Lion King tickets now so you don’t have to miss this spectacular musical production while it is still playing in the Big Apple.

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