New York Jets Tickets Offer Glimpse of New “Quarterback Scramble”

The Tebow-Sanchez question does not appear to be at the forefront of the minds of the New York Jets coaching staff – at least, not yet. First, this team has a job to do in learning how to move the offense and the chains, no matter who is behind the center on the field. With plenty of raw talent and two more preseason games to get the offense into a good rhythm, discount New York Jets ticket holders are showing some optimism for a victorious season this year. Will they get their wish?

About the First Discount New York Jets Tickets

The New York Jets were first established in 1959 as the Titans of New York, playing at the Polo Grounds as a member of the American Football League. The team switched its name to the New York Jets a few years later in 1963, relocating their home field to Shea Stadium at the same time. By 1968, the Jets were already showing the AFL what they were made of, advancing to the playoffs and beating the Baltimore Colts in their first national title. Since that time, the Jets have racked up three more division championships and have made 14 playoff appearances. Six of those appearances have been since 2000.

While the Jets may not be one of the most winning teams in NFL history, they are certainly one of the most loved. The team boasts numerous Hall of Famers on their roster, including quarterback Joe Namath, wide receiver Don Maynard and head coach Weeb Eubank. The turn of the century appeared to breathe new life into the Jets as well, and discount New York Jets ticket holders have enjoyed numerous playoff efforts since 2000.

Ramp Up the Season with New York Jets Tickets

This year is sure to be an interesting one for discount New York Jets ticket holders, with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow vying for a the top quarterback spot, and head coach Rex Ryan hinting at some new offense that will throw defensive lines into a quandary. While the preseason has been flat thus far, upcoming matchups against the Dolphins, Bills and Pats promise an exciting season for cheap New York Jets ticket holders and fans of the Gang Green everywhere.

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