Watch the Race for the Division Title with Atlanta Braves Tickets

America’s baseball team is on a path back to its glory days as one of the most winning baseball teams in the 21st century. The Braves are currently in a battle with the Nats for the number one spot in the National League East. Will the Braves be able to pull out another East Division title this season? Only time will tell, and those with discount Atlanta Braves tickets will get the best seats for watching their favorite players work their way back to the top of the standings.

A History of Discount Atlanta Braves Tickets

The first discount Atlanta Braves tickets were sold during the 1912 season, although the team’s history dates back much earlier. The team was originally founded as the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 and is considered the oldest team in American sports that has continually played since its inception. The earlier team saw little success, but once they became the Atlanta Braves, their luck seemed to change. Just two years later, in 1914, the Braves celebrated their first World Series victory after a dismal start to the season that ended with a sweep of the Philadelphia Athletics and a national title.

During more recent years, discount Atlanta Braves ticket holders have cheered their favorite team to unprecedented success, as one of the most winning teams in the history of baseball between 1991 and 2005. During that time, the Braves took 14 division titles and made five World Series appearances, winning the national title in 1995. Despite their raging success during those years, the last few seasons have fallen short for the Braves, due to injuries and personnel changes that impacted the quality of ball from this team. Although cheap Atlanta Braves ticket holders have experienced disappointment during the past few seasons, they remain hopeful that their Bravos will bounce back with a vengeance.

Atlanta Braves Tickets Rev Up the 2012 Season with Playoffs in Sight

Right now the Braves are trailing the Nats in the East Division, but with plenty more games to play, the playoff spot may still be anybody’s guess. This is the perfect time to grab your discount Atlanta Braves tickets to see the final run for the 2012 playoffs.

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