Experience the Magnificent Drama with War Horse Tickets

Discount War Horse tickets are still available for one of the most dramatic Broadway productions of the season. Combining the visual spectacle of life-sized puppets with a riveting storyline, this play is a must-see for everyone coming to the Broadway theater district this year. The award-winning show continues to delight audiences of all ages with a story of a relationship that transcends generations. The show is continuing its run at the Lincoln Center Theatre throughout January, 2013. A national tour of the show has also been launched in 2012, allowing audiences to witness the spectacle for themselves from coast to coast.

An Overview of Discount War Horse Tickets

War Horse is based on a children’s book by the same name, written by Michael Morpurgo. The play tells the story of a relationship between a young boy Albert and his horse Joey. The two grow up together on a farm in England, until Joey is sold to the cavalry by Albert’s father. Joey becomes a war horse on the battlefield of France. Albert follows three years later when he runs away to join the army and find his beloved companion. The two reunite, but not until both have been through a lifetime of experiences that change them for good.

The play is performed using life-sized puppets for the horses, which are manipulated by visible puppeteers. There is little set beyond the cast and puppets, but the story makes up for the lack of set distractions, with audiences finding themselves pulling for both Albert and Joey throughout the show. This play has mesmerized audiences of all ages, although younger audience members might find the battle scenes too intense for comfort.

Get War Horse Tickets Now for a Must-See Theatrical Experience

From the lifelike puppets to the stellar performances that make this show believable throughout, War Horse is a must-see for any fan of the live stage. With a long run at the Lincoln Theatre and plenty of dates nationwide for the touring company,  there is simply no reason to miss this theatrical extravaganza. Get your cheap War Horse tickets today and get ready to experience the magic of the production.

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