Experience the Visual Spectacle with Blue Man Group Tickets

Ever since their inception in 1987, discount Blue Man Group tickets have sold out venues wherever this ensemble appears. With a show that cannot be easily fit into a single category or genre, Blue Man Group has effectively redefined performance art to encompass rhythm, comedy and a visual spectacle unlike anything else to hit the live stage today. Now, Blue Man Group is performing at a multitude of venues coast to coast, with regular stints in New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago and Orlando. No matter where you live or where your travels take you, there are discount Blue Man Group tickets waiting for you.

The History of Discount Blue Man Group Tickets

Blue Man Group is the brainchild of the original members of the ensemble, Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. When the trio created their new form of entertainment in 1987, discount Blue Man Group tickets began to be sold throughout the Manhattan area. As the novel idea caught steam, the group was commissioned to produce a full-length show, which snowballed the popularity of Blue Man Group into a Broadway sensation at the Astor Theatre. By the early 1990s, the show “Tube” was winning awards and gaining notoriety from coast to coast.

Discount Blue Man Group ticket holders experience a stage spectacle like none other, when three blue characters take the stage to combine music, science and comedy into a single theatrical extravaganza. The shows are a literal explosion of color and sound, which leaves audiences feeling like they have experienced a show rather than merely watching one. The popularity of the ensemble has grown exponentially and now cheap Blue Man Group tickets are available for shows across the globe.

Blue Man Group Tickets Bring Theatrical Experience to Venue Near You

This year, there are many opportunities for discount Blue Man Group tickets. Regular shows are playing in Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando, in addition to their regular stomping grounds in New York City. The group is also on tour from coast to coast, bringing their original production to theatres nationwide. This is the perfect time to grab cheap Blue Man Group tickets and find out why this show is the one everyone is talking about.

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