Baltimore Orioles Tickets Offer Exciting Playoff Run

The Baltimore Orioles have experienced plenty of strife in recent seasons, but 2012 is shaping up to be a whole new season for the Birds. With the first winning record since 1998 and a second place spot in the American League East, the Orioles look like a team that’s ready to give the Yankees a run for their money. This is the perfect time to grab discount Baltimore Orioles tickets to see an eastern favorite on the ball field come to life once again. Exciting match-ups are on the way, including the Texas Rangers in August and a double-shot of the New York Yankees in August and September. This season has become a no-miss for the Orioles as they overcome tough years to become a playoff contender once again.

History of Discount Baltimore Orioles Tickets

The first cheap Baltimore Orioles tickets were sold in 1901, when the team became one of the eight charter members of the American League. The Orioles first played in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as the Milwaukee Brewers, but moved after one season to St. Louis, where they played for a number of years as the St. Louis Browns. Fifty-two years later, the team moved to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Orioles, a title they have claimed since 1954.

Throughout their history, the Baltimore Orioles have enjoyed numerous successful seasons. The Birds have three World Series titles under their belt, as well as seven American League pennants and eight East Division titles. During the glory years between 1968 and 1983, the Orioles became the most winning team in baseball, enjoying a winning record season after season. However, the streak began to fizzle in the 1990s, and even the talent of Cal Ripken Jr. couldn’t bring this team out of a multi-season slump. The 2012 season marks the turning of the tide for the Orioles, as this team has found a way to play to win once again.

Grab Discount Baltimore Orioles Tickets for the End of an Exciting Season

With two more months to go before playoffs begin, the American League East is still up for grabs. While the Yankees have held onto their top spot with a vengeance, numerous match-ups between these two clubs could turn things around in a hurry. Get your cheap Baltimore Orioles tickets soon to see the end of this exciting baseball season.

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