Billy Elliot Tickets Bring Laughs and Tears to Audiences Coast to Coast

The hit motion picture has made it equally big on the stage, and now discount Billy Elliot tickets are moving from Broadway throughout the country in a major North American tour. The story of a young boy who finds hope through his natural gift of dance has inspired New York audiences and is now ready to wow crowds from coast to coast. This is the time to grab cheap Billy Elliot tickets at a theatre near you and find out why everyone is talking about this Broadway sensation.

What You See with Discount Billy Elliot Tickets

The first discount Billy Elliot tickets were sold to the motion picture in 2000, which was based on the book by Lee Hall and featured the music of Elton John. The stage rendition premiered in London’s West End in 2005, to rave reviews and multiple award nominations. The show then moved to other locations, including Australia and New York’s own Broadway, where it was equally well received. During its stint on Broadway, Billy Elliot won 10 Tony Awards and 10 Drama Desk Awards.

The story of Billy Elliot is one of a young boy who recently lost his mother and lived with the rest of his struggling middle-class family in a mining town in the North of England. Through an unlikely twist of events, the young Billy Elliot discovers his gift for dance and quietly hones it out of the view of his father and siblings. As circumstances around Billy and his family continue to go from bad to worse, the young man realizes his only hope for escape could be a ticket to study at the Royal Ballet School.

Billy Elliot Tickets Now Available for North American Tour

Those who have enjoyed discount Billy Elliot tickets in New York or London now get the chance to fall in love with this musical all over again right in their own backyard. The show has launched its first major North American tour, beginning on the East Coast and slowly working its way across the country. This is the perfect year to get your cheap Billy Elliot tickets and enjoy this world-renowned show live.

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