Get Your Boots Ready for Stomp Tickets this Season

Stomp has been bringing down the house at the Orpheum Theatre for the better part of two decades, making it one of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows to date. Despite its lengthy history, discount Stomp tickets never cease to pack in crowds, thanks to regular updates to the show and cast that keeps the basic formula fresh and exciting. This is a must-see event for anyone who lives in the New York area or is planning a visit to the Big Apple in the near future.

A History of Discount Stomp Tickets

The concept for Stomp began with a 10-year collaboration between Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell. The idea behind the show, which involves the use of everyday items as percussion instruments, came to reality in 1991, when Stomp first debuted in Brighton, U.K. The show quickly caught on with audiences, and cheap Stomp tickets began selling fast and furious at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. The seven-piece ensemble grew to a group of eight, which is the same number that is currently performing at the Orpheum Theatre today.

The popularity of discount Stomp tickets grew enough to allow for touring groups that travel throughout the U.S. and many other countries, in addition to the ensemble that continues to perform in New York City. All of the shows involve musical creations with a variety of household items, including push brooms, garbage cans and inner tubes. Performers romp across the stage and even hang from the air for some of the numbers. The music combines with the unique personality of the cast members to create a theatrical display like none other.

Discount Stomp Tickets Still Available in the Big Apple

As Stomp continues to wow crowds for another theatre season, this is definitely a New York experience not to miss. The ensemble is quick to engage the crowd and even solicits audience participation in some spots. The show is a spectacle for all ages, with plenty of action and sound to enrapture even the youngest audience members in your crew. Get your cheap Stomp tickets and get ready for the loudest, most energetic show playing in New York’s theatre district this season.

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