Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets Offer Action, Excitement and Plenty of Wins

The most established football team in the American Football Conference is gearing up for another action-packed season, and already discount Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are selling at a rapid clip. This team boasts one of the oldest and most successful histories in the National Football League, with a loyal fan base that spans all ages and locations around the globe. This year, the Steelers promise more of the season, with a loaded schedule that begins pre-season play as early as next month.

The Long and Illustrious History of Discount Pittsburgh Steeler Tickets

The first discount Pittsburgh Steelers tickets were sold in 1933, making this team the oldest in the American Football Conference. The team was originally founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates, to coincide with the city’s baseball team, as was customary at that time. It wasn’t until 1940 that the team changed their name to the Steelers.

Despite a slow beginning (never finishing higher than second place in their division during the early years), the Pittsburgh Steelers would eventually show the NFL what they were made of. By 1947, the Steelers had won a place for themselves in the playoffs, although it would be their first and only playoff appearance for another 25 years. In 1970, the team moved to what would be their home for the next three decades, Three Rivers Stadium. It was at this location that the Steelers would rise to their glory days, with discount Pittsburgh Steelers tickets now bringing in sold-out crowds.

Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers boast six Super Bowl championships, eight AFC championships and 20 division championships. The only team to match the winning record of the Steelers is the Dallas Cowboys at this time. The Steelers moved into their current home at Heinz Field in 2001, where they forged their way to two of their Super Bowl victories.

Get Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets Now for Action-Packed Season

This year promises more of the same for discount Pittsburgh Steelers ticket holders. With Roethsliberger leading the way, and an all-star lineup on both sides of the line, those lucky enough to get their hands on cheap Pittsburgh Steelers tickets are sure to get their money’s worth in football action.

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