Bop Like a Tot with The Fresh Beat Band Tickets

Get ready to bop like your favorite tot because the Fresh Beat Band is coming to town. This popular Nickelodeon foursome has been wowing the preschool crowd with their energetic songs and high-stepping antics for the past three seasons as a staple in the Nick Jr. television lineup. This year, the band is taking their act on the road, and discount The Fresh Beat Band tickets are selling fast as tots and their parents flock to see this popular ensemble on stage live.

About Discount The Fresh Beat Band Tickets

The Fresh Beat Band first debuted on Nickelodeon in 2009, after original advertisements dubbed them The JumpArounds. The band consists of four teen performers; Jon Beavers (Twist the Disc Jockey), Tara Perry (Marina the Drummer), Thomas Hobson (Shout the Keyboardist) and Yvette Gonzales-Nacer (Kiki the Violinist). The four teens market themselves as good friends who go to school together and love to make music and dance.

Additional characters also appear on the show from time to time, including Harper the Pizza Maker, Reed the Guitar Player and Melody the Smoothie Maker. The ensemble might also encounter a dog (Banjo) and other characters throughout the course of a single episode. Four children, known as the Junior Beats, complete the cast.

The preschool-geared program follows a similar formula in every episode. The show opens with a song from the group that outlines a problem they will face in that program. Throughout the episode, the teens must work together to discover a solution to the problem, illustrating to young viewers how to face issues and work through them. At the end, the ensemble closes with another song that summarizes the problem and the solution they found. Before signing off, the band always plays their signature song, “Great Day.”

The Fresh Beat Band Tickets Selling Fast from Coast to Coast

Cheap Fresh Beat Band tickets are now on sale for the band’s major North American tour that is hitting venues from coast to coast. Parents will want to grab tickets while they are still available to treat their tots to one of the hottest preschool bands on the concert circuit today!

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