Pitbull Tickets Make Crowds Go Bow Wow Wow

The award winning rapper who was once told he’d never make it in rap music due to his fair skin and blue eyes is hitting the road to promote his latest album release, “Planet Pit.” As he heads to venues across the U.S., the artist proves the naysayers wrong, by becoming one of the biggest music sensations to hit the rap scene in recent years. The huge sales in discount Pitbull tickets prove this talented performer has what it takes to woo the crowds and rap with the big boys.

The Beginnings of Discount Pitbull Tickets

Pitbull was born Armando Cristian Perez on January 15, 1981, the son of Cuban immigrants living in Miami, Florida. Perez developed an interest in rap music during his high school years, after his mother kicked him out of the house at the age of 16 for selling drugs. Perez graduated from high school before launching what is now a successful music career. He is also an avid product supporter, lending his well-known name to brands like Kodak, Dr. Pepper and Vida 23.

When Perez began performing, he changed his name to Pitbull because he liked the fact that these dogs fought to the finish and were illegal in the county in which he lived. He likened the characteristics to himself, saying everything in his life has been a fight as well. The name has stuck with the artist, and now Pitbull is known worldwide as an award-winning rapper and charismatic performer.

Unlike other artists in his genre, Pitbull has developed a sense of style that is distinctly his own. Always seen on stage in a suit and sunglasses, this artist epitomizes a class act not often represented in his industry. Pitbull incorporates his native culture into his music as well, adeptly mixing Spanish songs in with his English hits.

Pitbull Tickets Give Crowds the Bark They Want

This year, Pitbull has announced a number of concert dates across the country. With a successful tour in full swing, fans are enjoying their favorite showman in action. Grab your discount Pitbull tickets today at a concert venue in your neighborhood for what is sure to be one of the hottest shows of the summer.

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