San Francisco Giants Tickets Offer a Glimpse of their Winning History

The San Francisco Giants are one of the oldest baseball teams in the MLB today. The team also has the distinction of being the one that has won more games than any other team in the league – in fact, more than any North American sports team overall. While the 2011 season was a rocky one for the Giants, the current season is filled with hopes, dreams and a roster of baseball All-Stars. This is the perfect season to grab discount San Francisco Giants tickets and see the California favorites in action on the field.

A Long History of Discount San Francisco Giants Tickets

The history of cheap San Francisco Giants tickets begins in 1883, when the Giants team became the second to join the National League as the Gothams. The team played in New York until moving to San Francisco in 1958. During their time in the Big Apple, the team gathered steam by winning five pennants in 28 seasons between 1930 and 1957, and a World Series in 1954 – their last as New York Giants.

In 1958, the team packed up and moved to the West Coast, where discount San Francisco Giants tickets quickly became a hot commodity. This team brought a World Series victory to their new city in 1962 for the first time, although a second championship was not won until 2002. During the interim, the Giants have managed to bring home plenty of pennants and West Division titles, which have kept cheap San Francisco Giants tickets selling well throughout the franchise’s history.

Grab San Francisco Giants Tickets to See All-Stars in Action

This year, the San Francisco Giants offer plenty of excitement and first-class baseball, from the first perfect game in the history of the team, to All-Star players that consistently wow the stands with their play. Four players have made it to All-Star status this year, including Matt Cain, Melky Cabrera, Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey. With Matt Cain heading up the mound and Melky Cabrera looking at a possible long-term relationship with the franchise, this season is the perfect time to get your discount San Francisco Giants tickets and see this favorite West Coast team in action.

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