Wiggles Tickets Delight Audiences of All Ages

The Wiggles have been delighting younger audiences with their music and entertainment for more than two decades. This Australian group made it big in their home country before venturing in the U.S., where they took hold of their preschool audience almost as quickly. By the time Disney had hooked up with the foursome, the Wiggles were poised to become a household word in every home with a member under the age of five. This year, the Wiggles are taking their bright and wiggly show on the road again, with discount Wiggles tickets available from coast to coast.

A History of Discount Wiggles Tickets

The Wiggles were formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1991, by Greg Page, Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Phillip Wilcher and Jeff Fatt. Wilcher left the group after the Wiggles’ first album was released, and the foursome that remained are the same four members that are selling discount Wiggles tickets this year. Greg retired from the band in 2006 for health reasons, but recently returned to his position as the yellow Wiggle once again, replacing his stand-in Sam Moran.

Although the group is primarily known for their catchy tunes that entertain crowds of all ages, their characterizations may be the feature that young children relate to best. The group members eventually created their own unique characters that young children found entertaining and easy to remember. Greg, the yellow Wiggle, liked doing magic. Anthony, the blue Wiggle, loves to eat. Jeff, the purple Wiggle, falls asleep wherever he goes, and Murray, the red Wiggle, likes to play his guitar.

Enjoy a Summer of Wiggles Tickets with Your Tot!

The Wiggles have been touted as one of the top preschool bands in the world, using an eclectic combination of folk music, rock and nursery rhymes. Two of the members, Fields and Fatt had been members of the Australian pop band The Cockroaches before joining the Wiggles, and some of their previous music was adapted to the Wiggles stage. This band has a knack for appealing to audiences of all ages, with parents singing along with their kids at the band’s concerts. This year, discount Wiggles tickets promise the same caliber of entertainment that has put this group to the top of the preschool charts for more than two decades.

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