Texas Rangers Tickets Available for a Hot Current Season

Baseball season is in full swing, and fans are grabbing their discount Texas Rangers tickets to see their favorite players in action. This team has taken command of their home in Arlington, Texas, since 1972, and has given their fans the thrill of postseason play five times after winning division championships. This season, the team is poised to deliver more of the same, coming off a World Series appearance in 2011, and fans are flocking to get their discount Texas Rangers tickets this season.

A History of Discount Texas Rangers Tickets

The Texas Rangers started out as an expansion team in Washington D.C. in 1961, known as the Washington Senators. While in Washington, they did not boast much of a winning record, with an average of 90 losses each season. They had one star during that time, Frank Howard, who won two home run titles while playing with the Washington team. The Senators moved to Texas after the 1971 season, where they became known as the Rangers, and cheap Texas Rangers tickets were sold to begin to build the franchise in the new city.

Things turned around considerably for the team after their Texas move, with a run at a playoff spot in 1981. Despite a five-season slump after that year, in which sales of discount Texas Rangers tickets began to dwindle, the team bounced back to eventually see significant success at the end of the 1990s and in more recent years. This year, the team boasts a winning streak that includes two appearances in the World Series and a number of division championships.

This Season: From Roy Oswalt to Topping the American League West

The current season has already shown to be an exciting one for the Texas Rangers. The team has already taken the top slot in the American League West and the recent signing of right-hander Roy Oswalt has many fans interested in how this addition will impact the team. Oswalt is scheduled to begin right away as part of the Round Rock rotation. Whether you have been a baseball fan all your life or are just getting into the game, discount Texas Rangers tickets promise excitement, enthusiasm and some great ball during the dog days of summer.

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