From Super Bowl to MDNA: Madonna Tickets Pop Out This Summer

This year, Madonna is kicking off a world tour after strutting her stuff as the Queen of the Super Bowl halftime show in February. Although that particular performance got mixed reviews, discount Madonna tickets promise to be a hot commodity for upcoming dates. This music diva proves she still has what it takes to thrill her audiences, even after decades in the spotlight.

A Long History of Discount Madonna Tickets

Madonna has been making her own kind of music since 1983, when she released her debut album, “Madonna.” This performer began her music career as a dancer, moving to New York City from Michigan in 1977 to pursue her passion. However, it wasn’t long before the performer discovered that singing was her great strength, combined with acrobatic dance moves she quickly became known for in her concerts. Since the beginning of her career, discount Madonna ticket holders have never known what to expect when this creative artist took the stage.

Madonna’s first album was a rousing success, with hits like “Holiday,” “Lucky Star” and “Borderline” launching the artist to rapid star status. Since that time, Madonna has released 12 albums, including her latest release, MDNA, in 2012. Now the star will be hitting the road to promote her newest music, with numerous dates in Europe over the summer before she returns to U.S. soil in September. With a long history of discount Madonna tickets selling out venues worldwide, there is little doubt this latest tour will be a success for the star.

Madonna Tickets: 53 Years Old and Still Fabulous

Now 53 years old, the pop artist does not resemble the fresh-faced young woman who took the pop world by story nearly three decades ago. Her vocal stylings have matured, although her dance moves still appear to be as hot as ever. This diva knows how to work a crowd, and she has done so hundreds of times, no matter where she appears next. With a diverse resume of music, acting and entrepreneurship, Madonna has made herself one of the best known pop music stars in recent history.

In September, discount Madonna tickets will be opening the door to a large number of concert dates throughout the U.S. Get your cheap Madonna tickets now to see this legendary pop star in action!

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