Skrillex Tickets Offer Night of Pure Energy

In his relatively short music career, Skrillex (AKA Sonny John Moore) has seemingly done it all – from musician and songwriter to high-tech music producer. This year, the eclectic performer has taken his show on the road once again, and even those who have been skeptical of his musical ability in the past have to admit this talented musical artist is the real deal. It’s no wonder discount Skrillex tickets sell out wherever this young artist shows up.

A History of Discount Skrillex Tickets

Growing up in Northeast Los Angeles, Sonny John Moore was no stranger to the music scene. This talented musician launched his career as the lead singer for the hardcore band From First to Last, and he recorded two studio albums with the band before moving into his solo career in 2007. He recruited a new band for himself at that time and produced music with this group for two years, including “Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count,” before taking another professional change of direction.

By 2008, Moore was performing under the name Skrillex at local clubs throughout the L.A. area, and discount Skrillex tickets began selling fast and furious. By the middle of 2010, he released his first Skrillex debut EP, known as “My Name is Skrillex,” which was offered as a free download. The artist began providing programming and vocals for the UK band Bring Me the Horizon and launched a national tour later that year with Deadmau5. This year, after the success of his EP release, “More Monsters and Sprites,” Skrillex is taking his show on the road, with multiple dates across the U.S. and Canada.

Feel The Thrill with Cheap Skrillex Tickets

The five-time Grammy winner is wowing crowds of all ages with his DJ abilities that include tantalizing visuals and masterful remixes of popular music for this generation. While the techno-show is impressive enough, it is nothing compared to the electrifying presence of the artist himself when he takes the stage. This musician knows how to work a crowd, whether he is adeptly handling a microphone or spinning records. This summer is the perfect time to purchase your cheap Skrillex tickets, whether he’s at a music festival or part of the Full Flex Express tour with Diplo and Pretty Lights, and see this talented artist in action.

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