Disney on Ice Tickets Delight Audiences of All Ages

Disney is bringing their popular ice show back for another season, with a variety of revue-style shows ready to delight audiences of all ages. These performances are known for their beautiful skating, breathtaking costumes and favorite Disney music and characters from all their most popular movies. This year, the tour features a number of different productions, ensuring discount Disney on Ice ticket holders from coast to coast will get a fresh look at this ice show.

A History of Discount Disney on Ice Tickets

The first Disney ice show, known as “Walt Disney’s World on Ice,” debuted in 1981. The show featured a full cast of professional skaters dressed as popular Disney characters, skating and dancing to familiar Disney tunes. The show’s name was changed to “Disney on Ice” in 1998, and it currently boasts around eight full-scale productions at any given time. Cheap Disney on Ice Ticket holders could be treated to a variety of popular Disney characters and music, with delightful costumes, sets and the magic that belongs to Disney alone.

Experience the Happiest Place on Ice

This season, discount Disney on Ice ticket holders might catch a glimpse of productions like “Treasure Trove,” “New Disney” and “Worlds of Fantasy.” “Treasure Trove” features Rapunzel and Flynn, as well as a host of favorite Disney princesses. “Worlds of Fantasy” offers characters from “Cars,” “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lion King,” as well as a sneak peek at Disney’s upcoming flick, “Tinker Bell.” The shows are playing at venues across the country, ensuring you are likely to have at least one of the Disney on Ice shows playing at an arena in your own home town over the next few months.

Disney on Ice shows have delighted audiences of all ages around the globe for decades. These shows are always a spectacular blend of breathtaking figure skating, popular show tunes and a plethora of new characters from the latest Disney movies, as well as a host of the most popular characters from throughout the years. Audiences of all ages are sure to love the show when they purchase their cheap Disney on Ice tickets today.

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