West Side Story Tickets Take Modern Romeo and Juliet Story on the Road

A classic Romeo and Juliet story returns to the stage, with the latest reprisal of West Side Story now on tour in Canada and the U.S. This romantic musical offers audiences heart-touching music, brilliant choreography and one of the best-loved tales of all time. Discount West Side Story tickets are still on sale, as this popular show continues to draw large crowds in Ontario before heading to Durham, North Carolina later this summer and throughout the U.S. during the rest of the year.

The Star-Crossed West Side Story

West Side Story is the tale of star-crossed lovers who are caught up in the ongoing rivalry between New York gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. Reminiscent of the Romeo and Juliet theme, the main characters, Maria and Tony, fall in love, despite the fact that they come from rival teenage gangs. The two make plans for a future together, despite the many odds against them. Things do not work out as planned, as the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks heats up and violence erupts on the New York streets.

Like the classic tale by Shakespeare, audience members who purchase discount West Side Story tickets continue to pull for the young lovers throughout the show. Despite many tragic turns, this musical is intertwined with delightful music and many touching moments that audience members never tire of experiencing. Since its debut on Broadway in 1957, this much-loved musical continues to delight adults and teens with a love story that never grows old.

Enjoy a Modern Classic with West Side Story Tickets

The original Broadway production was nominated for five Tony Awards in 1957, including Best Musical, and continues to be a mainstay of theatre repertoires around the globe. Broadway revivals were produced in 1980 and 2009, and touring productions, like the one currently on schedule, have been enjoyed throughout the decades. The latest production has been dubbed “rough and raw,” with a “cascade of thrilling numbers” throughout the show.

The current run of discount West Side Story tickets are available for the Toronto Center for the Arts in Ontario, but the show is scheduled to move to North Carolina the first of June.

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