Stanley Cup Finals Tickets Just Around the Ice

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Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up, with the New Jersey Devils pitted against the Los Angeles Kings to win that illustrious piece of silver.  At the start of the season, not many would have predicted a Kings vs. Devils face-off, but this match is already proving to be red hot.  With Game 1 slated for Wednesday, May 30th, at the Prudential Center, discount Stanley Cup finals tickets are already a hot commodity on the ice.

Stanley Cup Final Tickets Since 1892

The coveted Stanley Cup was first purchased by Lord Frederick Stanley, the Governor General of Canada, in 1892.  Lord Stanley wanted a trophy for which the best Canadian hockey teams would compete. Each year, the name of the championship team is engraved on the cup, as well as the names of all the players and coaches for that team. Every fan that purchases discount Stanley Cup finals tickets today has the chance to see the Stanley Cup presented to the championship team, where it is traditionally kissed and passed to every team member.

The Stanley Cup is 7 ½ inches high and 11 ½ inches across. The trophy now features a banded base, allowing for the engraving of every team that has won the Stanley Cup since the trophy was first issued. With the banded base, the current height of the complete trophy is 35 ¼ inches, and it weighs a whopping 36 pounds!

Probably the most interesting fact about the Stanley Cup is what happens to it after it is awarded. Every coach and player gets to take the cup home for a few days to share with family and friends. While the cup is usually treated with the highest reverence, accidents have occurred, including two thefts, a fall into the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, and abandonment in a snow bank in Montreal.  Other players let their kids eat cereal out of the top of the Stanley Cup, while still other sleep with the Cup in bed!

Los Angeles Kings vs. New Jersey Devils: Cheap NHL Finals Tickets

This year, the precious Stanley Cup will be the prize for whichever team plays hardest, sweats the most, has a touch of luck, and grows the greatest finals beards.  Discount Stanley Cup finals tickets are now available for the series, which is scheduled to begin on May 30. With an intense playoff season already in full swing, there is no doubt cheap Stanley Cup finals tickets will go fast. Now is the time to grab your discount Stanley Cup tickets to see world-class hockey action!

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