Monster Jam Tickets Offer Roaring Fun for Motorsports Fans

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Monster Jam has been delighting audiences for decades, with gigantic vehicles strutting their powerful stuff on a customized track. These trucks are guaranteed to soar over some obstacles and smash through others, giving motorsport fans an adrenaline rush like no other.

This year’s Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam promises to be the best show yet, with a collection of some of the largest monster trucks in the industry bringing a huge dose of entertainment to audience members of all ages. Now is the time to grab your discount Monster Jam tickets and see these huge mechanical beasts in action!

About Monster Jam

Cheap Monster Jam tickets can be traced back to the 1980s, when Bob Chandler began promoting his oversized vehicle as Bigfoot at car shows and events. As others began outfitting their own trucks in the same likeness, the United States Hot Rod Association and TNT Sports began organizing official monster truck races and events. In 1988, the Monster Truck Racing Association was formed to provide safety and manufacturing regulations for the sport.

By 1995, Monster Jam had become a live and televised event, attracting crowds of all ages in search of cheap Monster Jam tickets. The sport continued to evolve, with Monster Jam World Finals created in 2000 to help those in the industry determine the top monster truck at the end of each racing season. Today, popular monster trucks like Grave Digger, Bounty Hunter and Monster Mutt are maneuvered by expert monster truck drivers, including Tom Meents, Charlie Pauken and Dennis Anderson.

Monster Jam has now inspired the launch of many related products, including Hot Wheels and video games featuring the mechanical giants. As the industry has moved into other areas, the diversity of the crowd has increased as well. Fans of all ages now flock to purchase discount Monster Jam tickets whenever these beasts roll into town.

This Year’s Monster Jam Tickets Crush the Past with Huge Trucks

This Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam promised to be the most exciting Monster Jam event yet. Twelve-feet tall machines weighing 10,000 pounds are sure to pack the house and keep fans on their feet throughout the event.  Get your discount Monster Jam tickets today and don’t miss a minute of the latest and greatest Monster Jam event!

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