Van Halen Tickets Promise to Sell Out Fast

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The classic rock band Van Halen is back on the road, and discount Van Halen tickets promise to sell out quickly from coast to coast – especially in light of the band’s postponement of 30 tour dates.  Make sure you catch them in their first 13 shows through June 26th if you want to see this legendary, albeit tumultuous, band in person.

This all-American group dominated the rock scene for more than two decades, cranking out classic hits like “Runnin’ with the Devil,” “You Really Got Me” and “Jump.” While the group has seen more than its share of evolutions throughout its 40-year history, the core members of the band are still going strong and offering up their hits to audiences of all ages lucky enough to grab cheap Van Halen tickets for this year’s tour.

Van Halen, Still Relevant from 1972 to 2012

Discount Van Halen tickets date all the way back to 1972, when this band was originally founded in Pasadena, California. Brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen recruited the musical talents of Mark Stone, and eventually David Lee Roth, to create a rock band that began touring high schools and other local venues in their California community.  Thanks to the band’s own efforts at self-promotion, they quickly began drawing crowds that marked them as one of the top bands on the Los Angeles music scene by the middle of that decade. Cheap Van Halen tickets became a hot commodity, no matter where the band appeared.

Despite rapidly growing success and sellouts of discount Van Halen tickets worldwide, the band experienced turmoil and changes over the decades that followed. Eddie Van Halen’s alcohol problems were widely publicized, and lead singers for the band were in somewhat regular flux. David Lee Roth was replaced by Sammy Hagar and then Gary Cherone. By the late 1990s, injuries forced Eddie Van Halen to undergo hip replacement surgery. The band disappeared from the spotlight for a few short years before a brief reunion with Hagar in 2003.

See the Reunion Going Strong with Van Halen Tickets

In 2006, rumors of a Van Halen reunion with Roth came to fruition, and the band toured North America throughout 2007 and much of 2008. Today, the band is launching another worldwide tour, featuring original band members Eddie and Alex Van Halen, along with David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang. The show is sure to be a memorable one, as these musicians have already proven they can still rock the stage. Now is the time to grab cheap Van Halen tickets and see this classic band in action.

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