Sammy Hagar Tickets Available for the Red Rocker’s Latest Tour

Sammy Hagar is no novice to the rock stage, and his experience shows every time he takes an audience by storm. This performer has been rocking houses for the better part of four decades, and he continues to impress fans with his enthusiasm, brilliant music and ability to improvise during his shows.

As the front man for a wide range of bands over the years, Hagar may be best known for his work with Van Halen. However, discount Sammy Hagar tickets this year are giving fans a thrill as he tours with one of his pet backing bands, The Wabos.

A History of Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar was born in California in 1947 and grew up in Fontana, where his father worked at the local steel mill. Hagar developed an early love for the music of his home state and began working with bands shortly out of high school. His first efforts with The Fabulous Catillas and The Peppermint Trolley Co. started him off on a long and illustrious music career, playing with a wide range of famous bands that include Montrose, Van Halen and his more recent The Wabos.

Hagar also enjoyed a successful solo career, with the release of probably his most famous single, “I Can’t Drive 55,” released during the 1980s. The rocker became even more famous when he joined up with Van Halen shortly after, replacing David Lee Roth for a number of years. Hagar was dubbed “The Red Rocker,” due to his early hit “Red” from his album “Nine on a Ten Scale.” The nickname still sticks today, as many discount Sammy Hagar ticket holders show up for concerts sporting concert merchandise with the title.

Discount Sammy Hagar Tickets for the “RED” Tour

This year, discount Sammy Hagar tickets are available for dates across the United States, beginning in August and moving through September. Hagar begins his aptly titled “RED” tour up north in Michigan, and slowly works his way west with dates stretching to California. Hagar ends this year’s tour with an appearance at the Puyallup Fair in Washington. If you want to see hard rock at its finest, now is the time to grab your cheap Sammy Hagar tickets and check out this seasoned performer at a concert venue near you.

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