Strike or No Strike: Single Game NFL Tickets Now Offered for Some Teams

As the 2011-2012 football season begins to loom closer, tickets are going on sale and contingency plans are being made. The management talks are continuing, and while progress isn’t fast, the meetings aren’t falling apart either. This is good news for a major sports franchise that needs to decide whether it will sink or swim this season.

Through the course of it all, a few discount NFL tickets are starting to go on the market for lucky fans in a few key cities around the country.

Hope for a 2011 Football Season

Even if the preseason for the NFL, which typically begins near the end of the summer, isn’t ready to jumpstart, there is hope that a contingency season could still begin a bit later in the year.  Some reports suggest that if a deal is reached by October, a shortened season could begin in late November, complete with a quick bout of free agency and trading camps to kick off the season in style. While this wouldn’t be an ideal situation for discount NFL ticket holders by any means, it would still be preferable to the option of doing away with the 2011 season altogether and starting up again next year.

Buying Discount NFL Tickets One Game at a Time

In the meantime, many teams are beginning to offer discount NFL tickets to their fans for one game at a time. The Miami Dolphins started the ball rolling, by providing four-game season ticket packages the first of June, and the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have followed suit by selling discount NFL tickets for just one game at a time. Sales for each team will begin later this month and the first of July, respectively.

Despite the fact that discount NFL tickets may be on sale in the not-so-distant future, fans are still not biting. Recent reports suggest that ticket sales for the upcoming season are lagging far behind other years, as fans seem to be adopting a wait-and-see attitude before investing their hard-earned cash into tickets for games that may or may not be played.

However, diehard football fans may discover that the best cheap NFL tickets will be those sold sooner rather than later, as buyers take advantage of the uncertainty in the league to snatch up some of the best prices on tickets for their favorite teams.

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