Hair Tickets Coming Back to Broadway

The original rock musical “Hair” is making its way back to the Broadway stage this summer and fall, and already the demand for discount Hair tickets is on the rise. This classic from the 1960s exemplifies many of the themes the Vietnam War generation stood for, including free love, drugs and the true meaning of freedom. The “hippies” that make up the tribe of this show display the counter-culture that was prevalent at the time.

The story is told through one of the best rock musical scores to be produced to date. The music is written by Galt MacDermot and includes hits like “Let the Sunshine In,” “The Age of Aquarius” and the title classic, “Hair.”

The Storyline behind Hair

Discount Hair ticket holders witness the relationship between a number of friends during the 1960s and the Vietnam War. The group, dubbed the “tribe” during the show, speaks out on the controversial subjects of the time, including the sexual revolution, illegal drug use and the Vietnam War. Nearly all the members of the tribe are seen burning their draft cards and treating the American flag in irreverent ways as they grapple with the reality of what freedom means and the price that must be paid.

Ensemble characters include the leader of the tribe, Claude, who grapples with his responsibility to serve in Vietnam and his desire to run away. Claude’s friend Berger and Berger’s girlfriend Shiela are war protesters. Jeanie is a pregnant young woman who is madly in love with Claude, although her baby is another man’s, and Woof is an avid Mick Jagger fan. The rest of the tribe fills in, with some acting as a variety of characters, including Claude’s straightlaced parents. Discount Hair ticket holders should be warned that the musical is heavily laced with profanity, adult themes and nudity.

Style Your Discount Hair Tickets on Broadway

This Tony-award winning show is coming back to Broadway for a limited time engagement beginning in July. Discount Hair tickets can be purchased at the box office of the St. James Theatre, where the show’s run will be held. This is considered one of the first – and best – rock musicals ever written, so grab your cheap Hair tickets and relive this significant time in our country’s history.

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