Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Tickets are Lighting Up on Broadway

The Marvel comic book hero comes to life on stage through this rock musical production, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” Despite some controversy over the potentially dangerous stunts and negative publicity surrounding the opening of the show, discount Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets are selling well, and the show is now receiving rave reviews from many theatre critics. With music and lyrics by U2′s Bono and The Edge, there is no doubt this show will go down in Broadway history as one of the most popular, despite its rocky start just a few short months ago.

About Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Discount Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets open up a world of super heroes, with a central character who saves the world by climbing up buildings, exhibiting super strength and spinning magnificent webs. The transformation to Spider-Man occurs when a geeky teenager Peter Parker is bitten by a mysterious spider, and the evolution to super hero begins. As Parker discovers his many incredible powers, he also finds himself facing off against some of the most sinister foes ever created, including Green Goblin and Arachne.

Before discount Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets officially went on sale, this show received much more publicity than the average Broadway show. First, the production is the most expensive in Broadway history, raising expectations for the musical by exponential proportions.

Next, the stunts incorporated into the show were considered highly dangerous, and some injuries were reported by actors who were going through the rehearsal schedule for the production.

Finally, the initial viewings of the show were panned by critics, and it took a major overhaul of the production staff to bring the production in line with expectations of the theatre crowd.

Catch Spiderman on Broadway

Now that the production is in full swing at the Foxwoods Theatre, discount Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets are beginning to sell at a rapid pace. Currently, the show is scheduled to run through this year and into next, with plenty of performance dates to choose from.

If you are a fan of super heroes – or if you simply want to see the next great Broadway musical – this is the time to get your cheap Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark tickets and see this elaborate production for yourself.

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