25th Anniversary Les Miserables Tickets Still a Hot Seller Around the Country

You may not be able to purchase discount Les Miserables tickets for Broadway at this time, but the popular musical based on the French novel by Victor Hugo is still going strong around the globe. This show has taken the world by storm and continues to tour in various countries, including the United States.

Fans of the classic music that include hits like, “I Dreamed a Dream” and “Do You Hear the People Sing?” can find discount Les Miserables tickets for a theatre venue near them. The current U.S. tour is celebrating the 25th anniversary of this musical story, running throughout the rest of this year, with dates well into 2012 as well.

The Story behind Les Miserables

Les Miserables tells the tale of Jean Valjean, a man who was sentenced to 19 years of hard labor in a French prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family. Valjean is eventually released on parole by a police officer named Javert. Upon his release, Valjean steals from a bishop who takes him in and provides him with food and shelter. When the bishop lies about the theft to save Valjean, the ex-prisoner then runs away to establish a new life for himself with a new identity.

In his new life, Valjean becomes a wealthy factory owner and mayor of his city. The story moves to some of the workers in his factory, including a single mother Fantine and her daughter Cosette.

Throughout the tale, beautiful music written by French composer Claude-Michel Schonberg illustrates the many emotions of love, grief and despair that run rampant through the story. Ultimately, the story shows the importance of true love, courage and ultimate redemption to the characters that the audience grows to love – and hate – throughout the show.

Discount Les Miserables Tickets around the Country

Discount Les Miserable tickets are available now for dates throughout the year in the United States. While the show is currently spending some time on the West Coast, it will quickly work its way east and south throughout the fall months and into next year.

Although many dates for this show are currently scheduled, theatres tend to sell out fast. Now is the time to grab your discount Les Miserables tickets for a theatre near your home if you still want the chance to catch this beautifully written and performed play in action.

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