Phantom of the Opera Tickets Still Hot Seller on Broadway

The longest running show in the history of Broadway is still going strong after more that two decades of performances. Fans can still get their discount Phantom of the Opera tickets in the Big Apple, whether they are seeing this award-winning Andrew Lloyd Webber musical for the first or 100th time.

The show combines a powerful music punch with a storyline filled with romance and tragedy that has captivated audiences around the world. This musical is a must see for theatre lovers of all ages and continues to thrive in its Broadway location, as well as in touring ensembles worldwide.

About Phantom of the Opera

The musical is based on the French novel by the same name, written by Gaston Leroux. The story revolves around a hideously deformed “phantom” who lives beneath the Paris Opera House and terrorizes the members of the Opera.

Eventually, the Phantom falls in love with one of the young chorus girls who works at the Opera House, Christine Daae. The Phantom teaches Christine to sing, and his lessons are instrumental in Christine’s rise to fame within the Opera. The two have a rendezvous at the Phantom’s lair, where he professes his love for Christine before bringing her back to the Opera House.

Christine, while enthralled with the Phantom, falls in love with another member of the Opera, Raoul, and a tragic love triangle is formed. The story continues as Christine is caught between true love and the man responsible for her professional success. The Phantom fluctuates between a tender, loving man with Christine to a creature victimized by bouts of anguish and anger with the rest who refuse to accept his disfigured appearance. Throughout, the haunting music written by Webber is performed adeptly, adding to the romance and beauty of the performance.

Discount Phantom of the Opera Tickets: Worth Every Penny

The Phantom of the Opera has won numerous Tony and Olivier Awards and has become known as one of the best-loved musicals of all times. This show continues to delight audiences of all ages – some time and time again, as discount Phantom of the Opera tickets are sold for repeat performances for the most avid fans.

Cheap Phantom of the Opera tickets are still available for performances at the Majestic Theatre on Broadway and for touring ensembles around the globe.

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