“Rock of Ages” Tickets Hit the Road to Delight the Country

Eighties fans can relive the big music and hair of their favorite decade with discount “Rock of Ages” tickets this summer. The successful Broadway show has hit the road and is bringing its eclectic mix of 80s hits to live stages across the country.

While those in New York can still catch their favorite show on Broadway, now fans across the country can get their fill of their favorite rock hits with discount “Rock of Ages” tickets for concert venues around the country.

Rock of Ages: Transcending the 80s

Discount “Rock of Ages” ticket holders will be introduced to Drew and Sherrie, two small-town kids who have headed to Los Angeles to try to make it big in show business. Drew is an aspiring rock musician currently working as a busboy in an L.A. club, and Sherrie, who has dreams of becoming a famous actress, has also gained employment as a waitress in the same club. Although the two are instantly attracted to one another, as in traditional Broadway fashion, the road to true love never runs smooth.

Both Drew and Sherrie must deal with a series of events and misfortunes that leave both of them believing their dreams of love and fame will never come true after all. Of course, happy endings are the stuff successful Broadway shows are made of, and discount “Rock of Ages” ticket holders will enjoy their own warm and fuzzy conclusion as well.

Discount Rock of Ages Tickets: From Broadway to Your Town

“Rock of Ages” hit the Broadway stage in 2009, after a successful off-Broadway run. The show is a five-time Tony winner in its three short years on the Broadway stage and continues to be one of the hottest sellers in the Big Apple today.

The successful New York stint has inspired the creators of the show to take it on the road, and now discount “Rock of Ages” tickets are available at theatres across the country throughout the summer months. Whether you have already enjoyed this show in New York or want to see the tour for the first time, now is the time to grab your cheap “Rock of Ages” tickets at a concert venue near you.

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