NBA Finals Tickets: Now on Sale for the 2011 Showdown

As the NBA season begins to wind to a close, fans are grabbing their discount NBA finals tickets to see their favorite teams in action for the last time this year. The Western Conference has wrapped up their championship, and the Dallas Mavericks have come out on top. The Mavs will either play the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Heat in the championship, and at this point, it looks like the Heat will come out on top. However, all is fair in love and b-ball, and no one yet knows for sure what the final outcome of the Eastern Conference playoffs will be.

What Happened in the West

Going into the playoffs, both Dallas and Oklahoma City looked unstoppable. The Thunder adeptly took the Denver Nuggets out of the running in the first series, and then worked their way through Memphis, winning the Western Conference Semifinals four games to three.

At the same time, the Mavs were busy with Portland and the Lakers, who they managed to sweep in the semi-final round after an embarrassing performance by Los Angeles. Dallas then went on to show both Denver and Memphis how it was done, beating Oklahoma City in the Western Conference finals four games to one.

Discount NBA finals ticket holders saw some wild basketball during that last round, with Oklahoma City showing some remarkable court action despite their losses.

What’s Going on in the East

The Eastern Conference has yet to be decided, with both Chicago and Miami playing hard for the conference title. Chicago began their playoff run taking out Indiana in just five games and then working their way through Atlanta in a six-game series.

Miami also came on strong right from the beginning of the playoffs, beating both Philadelphia and Boston in five-game series. Miami is still showing its strength against the Bulls, currently leading the series three games to one.

The series may very well be decided before the Memorial Day holiday, unless Chicago figures out a way to step up their game for cheap NBA finals ticket holders.

Discount NBA finals tickets are now on sale for a series that is scheduled to begin on June 2. Whether the series begins in Miami or Chicago, the finals are shaping up to promise discount NBA finals tickets holders a championship series they will not soon forget.

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