The Lord Stanley Race is On! Stanley Cup Tickets Getting Closer

The Stanley Cup match-up is shaping up quite nicely with the Western Conference decided and the Eastern Conference getting closer to an end. This year’s final series promises to be an exciting one, with Vancouver leading the west and either Boston or Tampa Bay vying for the eastern position. The final series is slated to begin soon, as the Eastern Conference champion will be determined in the next playoff game.

Although the NHL season is winding down to a close, it promises to go out with a bang with explosive teams in the lineup that promise some exciting moments for discount Stanley Cup tickets holders along the way.

What Happened in the West

The match-up between the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks promised to be interesting for discount Stanley Cup ticket holders. The Sharks have historically struggled in the playoffs, and Vancouver hadn’t seen a run for the Cup since 1994. Both teams were hungry going into the series, but Vancouver proved to be the stronger of the two, handily winning games one and two.

San Jose rallied for the third game and then lost game four. It looked like they were going to stick around a little longer at the end of game five, but a last minute goal by Vancouver sent the game into overtime. At the end of a brutal double overtime, Vancouver managed to eke out the win and their first run at the cup in 17 years!

What’s Happening in the East

The Eastern Conference has also given discount Stanley ticket holders a run for their money, with the conference final scheduled for Friday, May 27. There was another intense double overtime during game five of this series, with Boston taking the win and gearing up for game six against Tampa Bay. Both the Bruins and the Lightning have played hard throughout, and either will be ready to face off against Vancouver next week.

As the finals draw near, discount Stanley Cup tickets are starting to sell at a rapid rate. No matter which eastern team heads west to face off against the might Canucks, this Stanley Cup series promises to be the cumulative highlight of an exciting and sometimes surprising hockey season.

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