Roger Daltrey Tickets Relive The Who’s Rock Opera with “Tommy” Tour

Roger Daltrey is no newcomer to the rock scene.  In fact, this legendary leader of The Who has been rocking concert houses since before many of his fans were even born. Despite a long and illustrious career, this music icon shows no signs of slowing down. This year, cheap Roger Daltrey tickets are available for his latest concert tour, which features a whole new take on The Who’s rock opera “Tommy.”

In a press release, Daltrey says, “‘Tommy,’ an album that tells a story about a ‘deaf,dumb and blind boy’ who becomes the leader of a messianic movement, will always be seen as a turning point for the band. Within it, I found the new voice of The Who and the band found its stride in making that music, adjusting it, using all that knowledge that we had from jazz and the blues into making it work in a rock way.”

Discount Roger Daltry ticket holders can rest assured Daltrey does have the blessing of fellow members of his former band in launching this most recent tour.

A History for Cheap Roger Daltrey Ticket Holders

Roger Daltrey was born in Hammersmith, London, England in 1944 and developed an interest in rock music while he was still in school. He received his first real guitar in 1959 and immediately went to work as the lead guitarist of a band called the Detours. When he was expelled from school a short time later for smoking, Daltrey went to work as a sheet metal worker by day and played a variety of clubs with his band in the evening.

At this time, Pete Townsend and John Entwistle, two of Daltrey’s classmates, signed on with Daltrey to begin performing together. By 1964, the group had transformed into The Who, and the rest of the story is nearly legendary. Even in solo work, discount Roger Daltrey tickets continue to sell out across the globe and fans flock to see this legendary performer in action.

See Roger Daltrey in Full Glory This Fall

This year, discount Roger Daltrey tickets will be available for a series of concert dates in the United States this fall. This is the time to grab your discount Roger Daltrey tickets and see The Who music played masterfully by the leader of the band.

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