Get Your Laughs with George Lopez Tickets

George Lopez has been making people laugh on stage, on television and on the big screen for the better part of a decade. This comedian is known best for his starring role in the “George Lopez Show,” but he is also popular on the comedy circuit, where discount George Lopez tickets sell like hotcakes wherever this popular performer is scheduled. With additional credits on the big screen and his own HBO comedy specials, there are few comedy fans who are not familiar with this artist’s brand of ethnic humor.

The History of George Lopez

George Lopez was born in Mission Hills, California, in 1961, and he was deserted by his father when he was just two months old. His mother also left the picture when Lopez was 10, leaving him to be raised by his maternal grandmother and step-grandfather.

Since he began his comedy career, Lopez has paved the way for other Latinos in the performance industry. In 1999, he became the first Latino to headline the major morning radio show, “Clear Channel Communications.” In 2002, Lopez became one of the first Latinos to star in a television comedy series, joining the ranks of Freddie Prinze, Desi Arnaz and John Leguizamo.

Laughing Out Loud with Discount George Lopez Tickets

Discount George Lopez ticket holders are treated to a night with this comedian, hearing his own brand of humor regarding race and ethnic relations. With his autobiography titled, “Why You Crying,” and his first talk show on TBS, the performer has plenty of material to work with for his stand-up routine.

Lopez covers all his bases with jokes about politics, pop culture and everyday life. He is self-proclaimed as “America’s Mexican,” and attracts fans of all ages and from all walks of life everywhere he appears.

This year, discount George Lopez tickets are available for a wealth of concert dates for both solo performances and with other big names like Carlos Santana!  While Lopez plans to kick off his tour in Canada this month, he will quickly make his way into the United States, where he plans to perform coast to coast. If you want to see this comedian deliver his act live on stage, this is the perfect season to grab your cheap George Lopez tickets at a concert venue near you.

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