“The People in the Picture” Tickets: Deep Story, Upbeat Music

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For theatre gurus looking for a new way to enjoy Broadway, discount “The People in the Picture” tickets just might fit the (play)bill. This musical has not been on stage long, but it has already achieved critical acclaim with an all-star cast of Broadway vets, a rousing musical score and a story worth telling.

The play by the Roundabout Theatre Company is currently performing at Studio 54, between Broadway and 8th Avenue in the Theatre District.

The Telling Story behind Discount “The People in the Picture” Tickets

Discount “The People in the Picture” ticket holders take a journey into the memories of a Yiddish grandmother named Raisal, who is known by her granddaughter as Bubbie. Raisal is a World War II survivor, along with her daughter Red, who wants to leave the horrors of the war and her past as far away as possible. The play revolves around the stories Raisal tells to her granddaughter from photographs, which come to live on stage to act out the scenarios.

While the play primarily deals with Raisal’s tales as she tells them to her young granddaughter, the true premise of the play lies in the relationship between Raisal and Red. A mother-daughter team wrought with conflict, the audience gradually learns about the measures Raisal went through to keep the two of them safe throughout the war, as well as a big, dark secret the family is keeping.

The play is interspersed with sweet, even upbeat musical numbers that are a fresh break from the heavy themes of the play that include the holocaust, the ravages of war and the difficulty of relationships.

Who Should Snap Up “The People in the Picture” Tickets?

Discount “The People in the Picture” tickets are appropriate for nearly every age group, although some of the references to the holocaust may be somewhat frightening to the younger crowd. However, if you prepare children properly for the themes of the play, everyone in your family can enjoy the musical score and even learn something from their cheap “The People in the Picture” tickets.

The show is currently playing at Studio 54, with shows six days a week and two performances on Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased online or through the Studio 54 box office.

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