“House of Blue Leaves” Tickets: Ben Stiller in a Black Comedy

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Black comedy has returned to Broadway, with discount “House of Blue Leaves” tickets selling out the house in its reprisal at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Packed with a star-studded cast and a classic tale that has delighted – and saddened – audiences for decades, this show is destined to be a shining star on the Broadway schedule this season.

Ben Stiller is currently appearing in the play for the second time around as Artie Shaughnessy, after portraying Artie’s son in a 1986 production on Broadway. His mother, Anne Meara, also appeared in a former production of this show, as the schizophrenic wife Bananas. In this production, Edie Falco adeptly takes on the role of Bananas, with Jennifer Jason Leigh playing the part of Artie’s girlfriend Bunny.

The Story behind Discount “House of Blue Leaves” Tickets

“House of Blue Leaves” tells the story of Shaughnessy, a zookeeper and aspiring songwriter that dreams of making it big in Hollywood. His mentally ill wife Bananas is a virtual shut-in, who Artie often believes is dragging him down into the pit with her.

Artie recently met a neighbor in the building, Bunny Flingus, at a steam bath and has been carrying on a relationship with her ever since. Bunny is the one person who believes Artie has what it takes to succeed as a songwriter, and she encourages him to leave Bananas and move to Hollywood with her to find his dream.

Cheap “House of Blue Leaves” ticket holders will quickly find that this production fits the genre of black comedy to a “T,” which means it is not always easy to watch and even harder to laugh at. The characters appear to be on a road to nowhere, despite a few upbeat moments along the way.

This play is definitely designed for the older crowd, so get your discount “House of Blue Leaves” tickets for the adults and teens in your family and leave the younger kids at home.

House of Blue Leaves Tickets on Broadway

The show is playing at the Walter Kerr Theatre, with performances six days a week and two shows on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can find your cheap “House of Blue Leaves” tickets online or at the Walter Kerr Theatre box office.

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