Jump into Creativity with Blue Man Group Tickets

Since their inception in 1987, discount Blue Man Group tickets have been delighting audiences of all ages around the world with their musical abilities and avant-garde style of entertainment. One of the best features of a concert with this unusual trio is that you never know what to expect.

The troupes of three performers each now perform under the umbrella of Blue Men Productions, which sends performing groups all over the globe to present their individualized sense of showmanship, costumes and music. The group has become a household name around the world, and cheap Blue Man Group tickets sell out venues of all sizes no matter where this troupe tours.

The Blue Man Group: Creative from the Start

Discount Blue Man Group tickets date all the way back to 1987, when two former junior high mates, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman, united with a third , Phil Stanton, and began performing around Manhattan as Blue Man Group. The creativity of the group’s performances caught the attention of club owners and critics, who all played instrumental roles in launching this ensemble’s success. It wasn’t long before discount Blue Man Group tickets were selling at the Astor Place Theater in New York City, and later, across the country when this ensemble took their show on the road.

Discount Blue Man Group Tickets: Defies Definition

Blue Man Group characters are three mute performers that appear in blue grease paint over latex caps, blue gloves and black clothing. Describing these shows for discount Blue Man Group ticket holders is no easy task. The performances typically combine music, comedy and unique theatrics for a show that rarely boasts a dull moment for audiences.

The ensemble as has been classified as percussionists, who make their own style of music using traditional instruments, PVC pipes and a host of other assorted objects. In addition, the group creates art on stage, through the use of paint balls that they place in their mouths and then spit onto canvas.

There is nothing else like cheap Blue Man Group tickets today. This talented trio now hosts their shows at a variety of venues across the globe, including multiple venues in the United States, Berlin and Tokyo. In addition, the group currently plays regularly on one of the Norwegian Cruise Line ships, the Norwegian Epic.

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